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Twisted Shapers

The Twisted Shapers are a testament to the tragedy which befell their ancestors. Even though they do no longer radiate their race's greatness of the past, the Twisted Shapers still have an instinctive talent for the abilities of their forefathers. Obviously more cunning and intelligent than the broken shapers, the Twisted Shapers almost seem like a different race. Still primitive and wild, they are the leaders and priests of their kind. They are the ones that preserve the remaining knowledge and everything else which is left of their civilisation - which is undoubtedly very little.
The uncompromising upbringing turned them into cruel creatures. Perhaps they have a vague grasp of what their people have lost as they seem to view the world with spite and contempt.
They seem to wield magic instinctively rather than to work real spellcraft. Just like a dragon who learns to breathe fire without thinking, the Twisted Shapers bend raw magic to their will and hurl it into their enemies. Most of their art is as twisted as they are themselves and their spell-like abilities rather destroy than create. Their destructive flashes are by far more powerful than their instinctive attempts to heal themselves or others.
Alone the broken shapers view them as gods and follow their orders without hesitation. The Twisted Shapers lead the colony like some kind of sect. They seem to invent rules and rites on a whim or follow some unknown inspirations. One from their midst usually acts as their high priest or de facto king. This individual personally teaches and grooms the leader that will follow him one day. These two Twisted Shapers are considered to be the most important and prized possession of a colony. As such they are fiercely protected and timely evacuated if danger arises. If we believe recent records of adventurers, every encountered colony, no matter how far away, follows this pattern. This astonishing observation raises many questions and speculations.
There are records that a Twisted Shaper mother can give birth to a broken shaper child and vice versa. It is unknown though if twisted and broken shapers interbreed. This proves that the two species have not turned into entirely separate species yet, however, separation seems to be the way their race is ultimately heading to. Whereas the broken shaper children are left to fend for themselves, the Twisted Shaper offspring actually receives some kind of education by other Twisted Shapers.
Some of the Twisted Shapers even seem to possess some ancient knowledge. They know how to operate at least parts of the artefacts left by their ancestors. Many of their rites, however, seem to have lost their purpose. The very few useful ones are used to operate objects such as gates, lights and other things of which the purpose is unknown to us. Even though, all they do is no more than a pointless mockery of their former greatness, the Twisted Shapers desperately hold on to it. Whenever they have to leave an area, the Twisted Shapers never forget about their home and constantly trying to retake it.

Twisted Shapers have 2500 hitpoints. They cannot be paralysed. Moreover, they are strong against death, earth, holy, ice and physical damage. On the other hand, they are weak against energy and fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Twisted Shapers yield 1750 experience points. They carry ancient belt buckles, cave turnips, cracked alabaster vases, gold coins, meat, platinum coins, tarnished rhino figurines and sometimes other items with them.