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The world of Tibia is separated in two continents and several islands. Please click on a link or on a part of the map below to learn more about the different areas.

Main Continent:
Cities: Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Kazordoon, Thais and Venore
Northern Wilderness: Femor Hills, Fields of Glory, Ghostlands and Ulderek's Rock
Southern Wilderness: Green Claw Swamp, Jakundaf Desert, Mount Sternum, Outlaw Camp, Plains of Havoc and Trolls' Cave
Cities: Ankrahmun, Darashia and Port Hope
Wilderness: Banuta, Chor, Kha'zeel and Trapwood
Shattered Isles:
City: Liberty Bay
Isles: Bounac, Forbidden Islands, Laguna Islands, Meriana, Nargor and Treasure Island
Ice Islands:
City: Svargrond
Isles: Barbarian Settlements, Grimlund, Helheim, Nibelor, Okolnir, Southern Ice Islands and Tyrsung
Chazorai, Dragonblaze Peaks, Farmine, Muggy Plains, Northern Zao, Razachai, Vengoth and Zzaion
Fiehonja, Gray Beach and The Hive
Cities: Rathleton and Issavi
Islands: Oramond, Kilmaresh and Furious Crater
Wilderness: Krailos
Cormaya, Dawnport, Draconia, Edron, Fenrock, Feyrist, Fibula, Island of Destiny, Isle of Evil, Isle of the Kings, Meluna, Mistrock, Rascacoon, Rookgaard, Roshamuul, Temple of Light, Travora, Wreckoning and Yalahar

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