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The picturesque town of Bounac is located on a remote island to the north of Meriana. Its community was founded by remnants of the Order of the Lion, an ancient order of knights, searching for a new home after years of exile. It is said that when their leader, Kesar, first laid eyes on its shores, he fell to his knees in awe, calling it 'atrium exsolutio'. Now ruled by his ancestor Kesar the Younger, Bounac is autarkic and completely independent. Trade with foreign realms is rare and only a few seem to even know or care for its exact location. As history repeats itself, a falling-out between Kesar the Younger and two of his knights, Drume and Fugue, led to a fierce feud which now has all of the island in its grasp. As of now, Bounac lays under siege by an army of usurpers. Locked in a stalemate between two relentless factions, its inhabitants dread the next move of this doomed power game.