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The city Issavi is also called The Golden City. The buildings are made of solid stone, mostly beige-yellow sandstone and look massive and edgy. In addition to the smaller, mostly two-story, residential buildings, there are magnificent temples, government buildings and the palace in which the Sphinx Empress resides.
One of the cityscape's defining features are the colours red and blue: decorations in the form of tiles, mosaics or frescos are predominantly in these two colours. Red/orange represents the sun god Suon and blue the sea goddess Bastesh, both of them worshipped in Kilmaresh. Statues of these two deities can be found in many parts of the city, as well as portraits of sphinxes, manticores, lamassu and gryphons. Sun and wave motifs are the dominant theme in ornamentation. The banks of the river Nykri are paved with massive stone blocks and there is a lively ship traffic. The city has a large marketplace as well as smaller shops on the ground floor of some houses. Overall, Issavi is prosperous, lively, clean and imposing.