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Krailos is located north of Oramond, bordered between high mountains to the south, a wild sea to the west and huge cactus forests to the east. At the rugged shores of Krailos one may find many ship wrecks, because the area is surrounded by many underwater shelves.
Krailos itself is mainly covered in sandy plains and has a rather hot climate, which has led to a sparsely spread population. This population consists mainly of ogres, a simple, warlike people, more interested in a fight and good food than in politics. Most ogres live in small tent villages. There is just one bigger settlement consisting of tents and stone huts. Also, some ogre tribes still have nomadic tendencies. The country's landscape is harsh: rocky beaches, dried up lakes, rugged rock formations and dry, barren fields number among the reasons, why the area is avoided among foreigners. Another reason, of course, are the ogres themselves.
They are a tribal nation, divided in several different clans. Each tribe is independent from the other ones, conflicts between two tribes occur frequently. However, the current greatest threat to the ogres is the draining of lakes and rivers. But the current chieftains are too preoccupied with the conflict with the other tribes to seek solutions for this issue.