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The casually laid-back Rascoohans don't bother to make any distinction between the isle they reside on and their village. Both are collectively known as Rascacoon.
Here the Rascoohans enjoy their lives. Fishing is one of their favourite pastimes and the main source of food. Other than that they enjoy the occasional fruits but don't actively pursue any gardening or farming.
Often times, scavengers leave Rascacoon for the world behind to bring home whatever they can get in their little paws, as their perception of property is only vague. Particularly things that they consider as no longer useful for others are free to take away in their eyes. They are fascinated by the concept of trash cans and misinterpret them as a depot in which things are kept that others still need and can grab. Scavenging is such an enjoyable pastime for the Rascoohans that at least half of their inhabitants are constantly on extended trips and scavenging adventures. Considering also their concept of property, it is no surprise that only few of the buildings in Rascacoon have permanent residents. There are times where a single living space changes its user daily, then again it is abandoned for weeks.
As they feel no urgency to expand, Rascacoon grows steadily but slow. Every now and then some curious Rascoohan families leave the isle to settle somewhere else.
The Rascoohans used to keep their small colony hidden from the world, employing stealth, protection of the night and illusion magic when they travelled the outside world. When they finally ended their seclusion, the citizens of Rascacoon welcomed the strange visitors, though sometimes not without a mischievous undertone.
Due to this curious nature of its sneaky inhabitants, the colony is usually well informed about important events all over the known world. The Rascoohans do not consider themselves too important and certainly not their furless visitors with their strange behaviour. With all the entertainment these foreigners bring to Rascacoon, it seems unlikely that they will change the Rascoohan way.