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South of Rookgaard, adventurers find a ship and the remains of the island Travora. Unfortunately, the island has fallen victim to a seaquake. NPC Sharon and Captain Tiberius survived the catastrophe and were able to rescue themselves on a ship. Since the spot is still a magical place from where characters can travel to other worlds, they anchored the ship in the middle of the little island's remains to help Tibians with their world transfers.
To travel to Travora you need to go by ship. The ticket costs 1,000 gold coins, is valid for 24 hours and can also be purchased by free account players. You can travel from every city with this ticket to Travora. However, if you want to return from Travora, you can only travel to the city from which you had travelled last there.
If you have decided to leave a game world and started the transfer on your account page, log out on the transfer platform to which NPC Sharon teleports you. The transfer will be initiated during the next server save. Note that it can take up to 24 hours until your character has arrived on the new game world after the server save.