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Chameleon Rune

This peculiar rune spell was more or less discovered by accident. Legend has it that the famous druid Ferdo the Forgetful tested a new healing spell on himself to cure his toothache, only to find that he was turned into a flowerpot! However, the metamorphosis caused by Chameleon is only superficial, and while a caster who is using the spell can take on the exterior form of nearly any inanimate object, he will always retain his original smell and mental abilities. While this proved to be good luck for Ferdo, it clearly showed the spell's limitations. Very few creatures and only the most distracted of intelligent beings are fooled by Chameleon, so there is no practical use for it, making this largely a fun spell. However, some of the foremost of today's druids are still researching the spell, so it is to be hoped that one day the spell's evident flaws can be removed.

Spell Information
Name:Chameleon Rune
Formula:adevo ina
Cooldown:2s (Group: 2s)
Soul Points:2
Exp Lvl:27
City:Ab'Dendriel, Ankrahmun, Carlin, Darashia, Edron, Issavi, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Svargrond, Thais, Venore, Yalahar

Rune Information
Name:Chameleon Rune
Vocation:Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer
Exp Lvl:27
Mag Lvl:4