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Conjure Arrow

Due to the paladins' specialisation in distance fighting adventurers of this vocation are almost always in short supply of ammunition. For this reason the high paladins have sought to push the research into the creation of ammunition by magical means. The Conjure Arrow spell was the first major breakthrough that was achieved, and it has been one of the most important entries in the paladins' spellbooks ever since. By casting this handy spell, 10 arrows are magically created, seemingly out of thin air. The truth is, however, that the required material is magically extracted from the surrounding area.

Spell Information
Name:Conjure Arrow
Formula:exevo con
Cooldown:2s (Group: 2s)
Soul Points:1
Exp Lvl:13
City:Ab'Dendriel, Ankrahmun, Carlin, Darashia, Edron, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Svargrond, Thais, Venore, Yalahar