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Fire Field Rune

One of the earliest spells ever to be developed, this is a reliable, no-nonsense field spell that is based on fire. When the rune is used a field of approximately one square metre is covered by searing fire that will last for some minutes, gradually diminishing as the blaze wears down. As with all field spells, Fire Field is quite useful to block narrow passageways or to create large, connected barriers. Placing the field on an opponent is also a strategy that will work well with weaker monsters, although most stronger creatures will easily shake off the effect.
Please note that on optional PvP game worlds this spell has no damaging effect on other characters, unless characters are war opponents.

Spell Information
Name:Fire Field Rune
Formula:adevo grav flam
Vocation:Druid, Sorcerer
Cooldown:2s (Group: 2s)
Soul Points:1
Exp Lvl:15
City:Ab'Dendriel, Ankrahmun, Carlin, Darashia, Edron, Issavi, Kazordoon, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Svargrond, Thais, Venore, Yalahar

Rune Information
Name:Fire Field Rune
Vocation:Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer
Magic Type:Fire
Exp Lvl:15
Mag Lvl:1