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Rage of the Skies

Flashing lights and dark eerie thunderclouds appear in a huge area when an experienced sorcerer casts this mighty spell. Almost everybody that stands in sight of the caster will be hit by this dangerous energy spell. A sorcerer must be extremely careful when casting this spell as it happens all too often that a friend or party member is deadly hurt when the Rage of the Skies is unleashed. Not only ice dominated creatures should fear this powerful spell - an experienced sorcerer can bring down almost every enemy by speaking the magic words to call the Rage of the Skies.
As the magic potential of a sorcerer is only strong enough to master one such powerful spell, a sorcerer can never learn the spells Rage of the Skies and Hell's Core at the same time. However, for 500 gold pieces a sorcerer can always switch to the other spell by contacting the according teacher in the Edron academy, provided you have bought them both before.

Spell Information
Name:Rage of the Skies
Formula:exevo gran mas vis
Damage Type:Energy
Cooldown:40s (Group: 4s)
Exp Lvl:55

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