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Rage of the Skies

Flashing lights and dark eerie thunderclouds appear in a huge area when an experienced sorcerer casts this mighty spell. Almost everybody that stands in sight of the caster will be hit by this dangerous energy spell. A sorcerer must be extremely careful when casting this spell as it happens all too often that a friend or party member is deadly hurt when the Rage of the Skies is unleashed. Not only ice dominated creatures should fear this powerful spell - an experienced sorcerer can bring down almost every enemy by speaking the magic words to call the Rage of the Skies.
As the magic potential of a sorcerer is only strong enough to master one such powerful spell, Rage of the Skies and Hell's Core share the same cooldown, before either of them can be cast again.

Spell Information
Name:Rage of the Skies
Formula:exevo gran mas vis
Group:Attack (Secondary Group: Focus)
Magic Type:Energy
Cooldown:40s (Group: 4s, Secondary Group: 40s)
Exp Lvl:55