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Summon Paladin Familiar

When the gods looked for a way to prepare their human champions for a time of strife they ordered the reluctant Suon and Fafnar to combine their burning essence into a vessel the gods had formed from a part of the fallen Tibia's heart. Yet the powerful construct needed a soul. So the gods reached out and found a breed of firebirds that were trapped in the Pits of Inferno since aeons for the amusement of the demons. Their pligth and agony might have never ended if the divine forces had not torn down their prison and imbued their souls into their construct, merging it into a creature of overwhelming power, creating the Emberwing in the process. Due to its very long captivity it vowed vengeance to all forces of destruction. These circumstances also explain the passion and dedication with which Emberwing is protecting its master. Its goal is to raze all evil from the lands of Tibia alongside its noble master. The Emberwing is quite an elevated appearance. On first sight one might not think, that this creature is really protective, but indeed it is. The divine fire burning within the creature causes terrible damage to all its offenders. Guarding its master carefully, the summon is a faithful companion in dangerous situations. It is said, that the most devout and skilled heroes are able to gain an intrinsic understanding of such summoning spells, that they are able mould and warp it's energies to call forth a wider array of minions, that, though identical in power and abilities better suit their own taste and style. Initially it was debated if this might be a blasphemous tinkering with a gift of the gods, a rare consensus was reached, that the ability to summon more uncommon allies is rather a deeper understanding of the will and workings of the gods and in concordance with their divine will.

Spell Information
Name:Summon Paladin Familiar
Formula:utevo gran res sac
Cooldown:1800s (Group: 2s)
Exp Lvl:200
City:Ankrahmun, Darashia, Edron, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Rathleton, Svargrond, Yalahar