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Summon Sorcerer Familiar

Uman-Zathroth was torn in the decision how to supply the faithful sorcerers with a suitable minion that would stand a chance in the days of war yet to come. Its dual nature made a decision almost impossible. Then his eyes fell upon a seemingly unimportant creature deep in the caverns of the mountain Kha'zeel. A group of stone golems had flourished in the magic that was seeping from the fortresses of the mighty Djinn. Their unaging bodies had assimilated more and more magic in the centuries and Uman-Zathroth sensed something else... unrealised possibilities. The godly entity subtly guided the golems to ascend the mighty mountain. Just when the stars were aligned right and another battle of the Djinn had infused a raging storm that ravaged the mountain. Not really recognizing what was driving them, the golems climbed tirelessly until the most sturdy of them managed to reach the peak. During their dangerous ascend, lots of them had ended up smashed on the steep rock face or burried by avalanches. In the end only a few of the mightiest and most self aware of the golems were left. They bathed in the raging forces, struck by lightning, both physical and magical. Again some of them perished but in the end the Thundergiants were born. Steeled by this exhausting journey to the top of Kha'zeel and imbued by mystical energies, the last creatures were chosen by Uman-Zathroth to become the mighty minions of the sorcerer. And it doesn't surprise that they are really strong and powerful, besides being faithful companions of their masters. In case of hordes of monsters the Thundergiant is a very useful bulwark protecting the sorcerer. It is said, that the most devout and skilled heroes are able to gain an intrinsic understanding of such summoning spells, that they are able mould and warp it's energies to call forth a wider array of minions, that, though identical in power and abilities better suit their own taste and style. Initially it was debated if this might be a blasphemous tinkering with a gift of the gods, a rare consensus was reached, that the ability to summon more uncommon allies is rather a deeper understanding of the will and workings of the gods and in concordance with their divine will.

Spell Information
Name:Summon Sorcerer Familiar
Formula:utevo gran res ven
Cooldown:1800s (Group: 2s)
Exp Lvl:200
City:Ankrahmun, Darashia, Edron, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Rathleton, Svargrond, Yalahar