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Ultimate Ice Strike

This spell was developed by the ice witch Yakchal herself and has made its way to the magic community through renegade ice witches that fled her mistress's wrath. It concentrates the powers of cold to a level that is even dangerous for the casters.
As the magic potential of a druid is only strong enough to master one such powerful spell, a druid can never learn the spells Ultimate Ice Strike and Ultimate Terra Strike at the same time. However, for 500 gold pieces a druid can always switch to the other spell by contacting the according teacher in the Edron academy, provided you have bought them both before.

Spell Information
Name:Ultimate Ice Strike
Formula:exori max frigo
Damage Type:Ice
Cooldown:30s (Group: 4s)
Exp Lvl:100

Boosted CreatureMonster Pedestal Box

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