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Ultimate Terra Strike

This is another spell that was reluctantly developed by the druids as a necessity. This spell calls upon the powers of earth and is often combined with a short incantation of Crunor. The display of power is awesome, but it is said this misuse of the element earth hurts the heart of the druids almost as much as it damages their foes. Younger, more practical druids are known to use this spell with little discretion, though.
As the magic potential of a druid is only strong enough to master one such powerful spell, Ultimate Ice Strike and Ultimate Terra Strike share the same cooldown, before either of them can be cast again.

Spell Information
Name:Ultimate Terra Strike
Formula:exori max tera
Group:Attack (Secondary Group: Ultimate Strikes)
Magic Type:Earth
Cooldown:30s (Group: 4s ,Secondary Group: 30s)
Exp Lvl:90