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Wild Growth Rune

Druids, the traditional wardens of nature and of all that is alive, have come to master the growth of plants. This spell is one of the results of this secret knowledge. By calling upon nature, a skilled druid can charge a blank rune twice with this useful spell. By unleashing the spell, all seeds that are lying dormant in the surrounding quickly sprout and grow into full-sized plants, thus forming an impenetrable thicket. Unfortunately, plant life created this way is short-lived and will collapse within minutes, so the magically created obstacle will not last long. Still, this spell can be quite useful to block a monster you cannot hope to defeat, thus giving you valuable time to make your escape.
On open PvP game world, wild growth can also be yellowish. The yellow tone appears to all characters who are not in a PvP situation with the casting character. Characters can simply walk through yellowish wild growth.
On optional PvP game worlds, wild growth is mostly yellowish and will collapse if somebody walks on a field with wild growth. The only exception is wild growth cast by one of your opponents if you are involved in a guild war. Such plants will last just as long as on other game world types, or until somebody who is not a war opponent of the casting character walks against it.
The sage Eremo teaches this rune spell to all druids who have shown their dedication to nature and to life by promoting to the rank of elder druid.

Spell Information
Name:Wild Growth Rune
Formula:adevo grav vita
Cooldown:2s (Group: 2s)
Soul Points:5
Exp Lvl:27
City:Eremo's isle, Issavi

Rune Information
Name:Wild Growth Rune
Exp Lvl:27
Mag Lvl:8