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Wrath of Nature

The research into earth spells has a venerable tradition among druids, and over the centuries a number of corresponding spells have been devised. Not all of them are as deadly as this spell. Wrath of Nature represents the ultimate achievement of this research and is now the most powerful earth damage spell in the druid's arsenal. Whenever it is cast a huge cloud of grass and soil combined with the powers of Mother Nature hits any creature that is unfortunate enough to stand close enough to the caster. Only the immunity to earth damage will allow a victim to survive the effects of this powerful attack. All druids who are thinking about using this spell should be careful though, because of its massive range of effect and its substantial mana cost.
As the magic potential of a druid is only strong enough to master one such powerful spell, a druid can never learn the spells Wrath of Nature and Eternal Winter at the same time. However, for 500 gold pieces a druid can always switch to the other spell by contacting the according teacher in the Edron academy, provided you have bought them both before.

Spell Information
Name:Wrath of Nature
Formula:exevo gran mas tera
Damage Type:Earth
Cooldown:40s (Group: 4s)
Exp Lvl:55

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