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Jun 16 2021 -  07:00 would like to remind you of their decoration contest. Your challenge is to decorate a training room. Sounds like fun? Check out all details for the contest, they are available in English, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. The deadline is June 21! would like to remind you of their decoration contest. Your challenge is to decorate a training room. Sounds like fun? Check out all details for the contest, they are available in English, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. The deadline is June 21!

Jun 14 2021 -  15:00

Due to technical maintenance work, server save on all game worlds will take a bit longer than usual tomorrow. We expect all game worlds back online around 10:45 CEST.

Due to technical maintenance work, server save on all game worlds will take a bit longer than usual tomorrow. We expect all game worlds back online around 10:45 CEST.

Jun 11 2021 -  10:00 is back with the release of their update. The fansite now appears in a brand new design. Head on over there to take a look! is back with the release of their update. The fansite now appears in a brand new design. Head on over there to take a look!

Jun 10 2021 -  07:00

Happy fourth anniversary,! Congratulations and best wishes to the entire fansite team!

Happy fourth anniversary,! Congratulations and best wishes to the entire fansite team!

Jun 09 2021 -  10:00

The private test of the summer update has started! Active tutors, fansite representatives, focus group members, former closed beta testers and selected long-time players have been invited. Check the test website for further info! Please note that in order to log in, you will have to use the email address your account had been registered to when the character backup was taken, as well as the password of this date. The character backup was taken on May 25, 10:00 CEST. Also, as another addition to the update, the depot item limit of 10,000 items for Premium account players has been raised to 15,000.

The private test of the summer update has started! Active tutors, fansite representatives, focus group members, former closed beta testers and selected long-time players have been invited. Check the test website for further info! Please note that in order to log in, you will have to use the email address your account had been registered to when the character backup was taken, as well as the password of this date. The character backup was taken on May 25, 10:00 CEST. Also, as another addition to the update, the depot item limit of 10,000 items for Premium account players has been raised to 15,000.

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Jun 14 2021 -

Sunset of Tournaments

e introduced Tournaments back in 2019, a bold concept trying to tap into the competitive spirit of ambitious Tibians who want to show their mettle. Our efforts to bring their full potential to fruition included several changes based on feedback, observations and lessons learned over time. Alas, they did not unfold the way we had hoped and could not gain enough traction. While Tournaments attracted some players and found some fans, we did not manage to catch the interest of a larger part of the community.

After a long, thorough analysis of the data we gathered and the experiences we made, we have to conclude that our Tournament concept does not match well enough with Tibia and Tibians. Of course, there are still ideas, proposals and paths we have not yet explored with Tournaments. However, considering all aspects and our options, we have come to believe that further feasible adjustments would only scratch the surface. They could not fundamentally change the appeal of Tournaments towards consistently attracting a wider audience to significantly increase participation in the long run.

Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have decided to let go and bury the Tournament idea and hereby announce their sunset throughout the course of the year.

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all players who dedicated so much to compete in Tournaments, to strife for success and to help us with suggestions and honest feedback. Thank you for your support, your contributions to Tournaments and your enthusiasm! We also want to explain how the sunset will take place and what will happen with Tournament rewards afterwards:

  • The sunset will entail three further Tournaments: The first one, HONOUR, is about to start very soon. The dates for the last two Tournaments have not been determined yet but we plan to conduct the second one around end of August or in September, and the final one around the turn of the year 2021/22. All three of them will yield twice as many Tournament Coins as previous Tournaments.
  • Tournament Coins will be removed from the game at an unspecified point of time in the future. Any Tournament Coins that have not been used by then will disappear. At the earliest, this will happen in mid-2022, six months or more after the final Tournament. Rest assured that we will announce this date in advance as soon as it has been determined.
  • With the exception of the dragon slayer outfit, rewards that are available for Tournament Coins in the Store will become purchasable for Tibia Coins after Tournament Coins have ceased to exist. This will not happen before the middle of 2022.
    • Outfits and mounts bought for Tibia Coins will only be usable by the purchasing character, they will not be unlocked account-wide for all characters like their Tournament versions.
  • The remarkable dragon slayer outfit not only costs a large sum of Tournament Coins but also requires a player to achieve a top 3 rank in a Tournament. We aim to preserve its extraordinary status as best as possible but we also do not want to make the outfit completely unobtainable with the end of Tournaments. Therefore, at some point in the future, by the end of 2022 or even later, we will implement a demanding way to earn it ingame: The specifics have not been determined yet, but we can already say that it will only be obtainable through investing an enormous amount of time, dedication and effort, possibly in the context of special events or boss fights.
    • The ingame version of the dragon slayer outfit will only be wearable by the character which unlocked it. The Tournament version will remain special in that regard so only players who obtained the outfit through Tournaments can use it account-wide for all of their characters.

Tournaments taught us a lot and we gained valuable insight from this adventurous and thrilling, albeit short journey. We would have liked to see Tournaments flourish, but nonetheless, the continuous development of Tibia will benefit from this experience and we will keep on working hard to bring you exciting and enjoyable content and features.

If you want to dive into the Tournament experience and earn yourself some Tournament Coins while you still can, here is your next chance: The sign-up for the Tibia Tournament HONOUR will start on Thursday, June 17! The Tournament itself will run four days, from June 24, 10:00 CEST, to June 28, 10:00 CEST. Once the sign-up phase has begun, you can find all details about the rules and score set as well as the rewards on the Tournament website section and the Tournament window ingame.

Stay tuned!
Your Community Managers

Jun 11 2021 -

New Mounts

ew mounts have been added to the Store today!

Born from the depths of the forest, where flora and fauna intertwine in mysterious ways, the Floral Beast is a colourful creature that is sure to turn some heads. The Hyacinth, Peony, and Dandelion mount are loyal companions that will safely carry you through their natural habitat of the woods, or lands unknown to them.

Click on image to enlarge.

Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a Premium account.

Get yourself a blooming companion!
Your Community Managers

Jun 09 2021 -

Caption This! Winners

o celebrate CipSoft's 20th birthday, we invited you to take part in a Caption This! contest which was met with an overwhelming response as we received more than 900 submissions. It was not easy for us community managers to choose our winners, but we finally narrowed it down to the final top 20 selection of which three were chosen to form the top 3. These three entries can be found below.

Marc Heat's post contemplates the Tibian condition...

Tibian Geographic

Here we can see Tibians in their natural habitat. Roaming around, exploring, diving into the cakes of the unknown.

While good and evil coexist in an eternal confrontation for supremacy all over the land of Tibia, we should know that not all mysteries lie in the battlefront. Sometimes, a giant cake appears in the middle of the field and a true Tibian just needs to know why.

“Why is this cake here?”, “Does this cake have a meaning?” or “Is there a cake god?” are just a couple of the numerous philosophical questions that arise in the Tibians mind. Eat it, step on it, throw it into your friend's face… they would try all sorts of things they can think of without even knowing if there is going to be an answer.

And so on, fellow Tibians will continue with the neverending search for meaning, answers and rewards, from burning themselves at the seventh circle of hell to fighting a huge sweet frosting despite diabetes, always willing to put their stomach to the test to digest what's to come.

... Nyamia's entry illustrates the trials and tribulations of the corporate world...

Character deep in the cake a.k.a. the project manager: "This is going to be a piece of cake! We’ll finish this in a week! "

Character on the edge of the cake a.k.a. the developer: "A week?  I think you have to multiply that by factor pi!" <Trying to juggle all the pies at once>

Character deep in the cake a.k.a. the project manager: "You'll manage, you got this! I believe in you!  We need to have it done in a week, it's our 20th birthday!"

Character in the middle a.k.a. customer thinking: Eww, there is a bug in my pie!  <Instantly drops the pie>

... and Lovebone's submission is a cautionary tale about what might befall a hapless adventurer.

10:58 Front Mage: 10:58 You see a giant cherry.
It weighs 10000.00 oz.

10:59 Middle Explorer: Almost there guys! I can see the light!

11:00 Front Mage: 11:00 You see a dead human. You recognize Middle Explorer. He was crushed by a giant cherry.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to all winners! The top 3 of these winners have been rewarded with 2000 Tibia Coins each, and the other 17 winners, whose entries can be found here, have been rewarded with 250 Tibia Coins each. Every winner has also received a CM token.

See you in Tibia,
Your Community Managers

Jun 08 2021 -


he Tibiadrome will be a major addition to the game, replacing the current PvE arena. It will allow players to prove their combat skills in fights against creatures which get progressively harder. We have received a lot of feedback about it in the Dev Note a few months back which we have taken into consideration while finalising the design.

The difficulty of a fight in the Tibiadrome scales via two factors: group size and current wave level. The more players participate in the fight, the more creatures spawn in a wave, and the higher the wave level, the stronger the creatures are. A maximum of five players can enter the arena at the same time, and at least level 50 is required for each participant. The monsters which spawn are unique to the Tibiadrome, and each represents one gameplay archetype. Each wave lasts a maximum of 120 seconds, in which all the monsters have to be killed to advance to the next wave.

To spice things up and make fights more interesting, there are a number of combat modifiers which trigger certain effects, thus raising the difficulty of the encounters and creating an additional challenge. At the beginning of a rotation, which lasts two weeks, two modifiers are randomly selected which are the same across all game worlds and are active in all waves during this period.

Since the Tibiadrome is a special environment, certain rules outside of it do not apply here. There is no death penalty, and mana, life and spirit potions, as well as runes, bolts, and arrows will not be consumed when used. There is no stamina drain and skill or level progression inside the Tibiadrome, and spells which cost soul points are deactivated.


Besides a new highscore category, there will also be a leaderboard on the website showing the standing of the participants in the current rotation. Players who have beaten at least one wave in the rotation will receive drome points after it has ended, which can be exchanged for decorative items and cosmetics.

Moreover, the players ranking among the top 20 receive a certain amount of randomly selected new potions after a rotation, depending on how well they fared. Additionally, a number of potions will be raffled among the rest of the participants. These potions have strong effects, but also a long cooldown. Those who have made the top 5 in a rotation will also receive a temporary title which will last until the next rotation ends.

To learn more about the Tibiadrome, please take a look at the TL;DR.

We hope you enjoy the Tibiadrome,
Your Community Managers

Jun 03 2021 -

Additional Action Bars, Outfit Presets, and More

re your action bars bursting at the seams? You have already thought of a way to set up a potential third one? Then we have good news for you, as you will not only be able to add a third action bar to your configuration on the bottom of the game window, but up to nine action bars in total, with three action bars each placed on the left and right side in addition to the bottom three ones.

Each action bar can be individually activated and deactivated in the options menu.

Mount and Outfit Presets

In order to improve the usability when selecting outfits, mounts, and familiars, the Customise Character dialog has received an overhaul. Not only can these now be selected from a handy scrollable list, instead of having to click through the entire selection, but it is also possible to directly search for them via a text box.

Selected configurations can now also be saved as a preset: Once you have chosen your desired look, press the "New" button in the presets menu. This will create a new preset which preserves the chosen outfit, its addons, the outfit's colour, the mount, the mount's colour, the familiar, and, in the case of the podium of renown, the gender. Furthermore, either the entire current configuration or only the currently chosen colours can be copied to clipboard and thus given to fellow players as well, which can then paste them from their clipboard. These new options also allow for more flexibility than the current "Copy to Outfit"/"Copy to Mount" button and therefore will replace it.

Hunting Task Expansion

Creatures with the "challenging" difficulty, which were introduced in the last summer update, will be added to the hunting tasks as part of the "hard" tasks category. Moreover, a number of new deco items will be available as reward in exchange for hunting task points.

We hope you enjoy the new features,
Your Community Managers

Jun 01 2021 -

New Item Modifiers

n order to distinguish equipment beyond the current possibilities, a number of new item modifiers are going to be introduced, which will already be added to the equipment introduced in the upcoming update. As with already existing modifiers, the effect only manifests when the respective item is equipped.

Specialised Magic Levels

Instead of raising the magic level flatout by a certain number, this modifier raises the magic level only for a certain group of spells and runes. These are: Fire, Earth, Energy, Ice, Holy, Death, Healing. All spells and runes have been assigned to the appropriate category. If none is applicable, they are part of the "various" category which cannot benefit from specialised magic level.


If a weapon has this modifier, regular attacks damage up to two creatures (secondary targets) for a certain percentage of the attack hitting the main target, if they are standing next to the main target and the player. Assuming the player is fully surrounded by creatures and an attack hits the main target, these are the secondary targets affected by Cleave:

Secondary target
Main target
Secondary target
Main target
Secondary target
Secondary target

Different types of damage will be dealt as a percentage as well. The damage the main monster receives before any reduction will be dealt as a percentage to the other creatures, where the damage might be reduced according to their defense (sensitivity, armor, etc.).

Magic Shield Capacity

Each item with this modifier increases the size of the Magic Shield both by a certain percentage as well as a fixed amount. This applies both to the Magic Shield spell as well as the Magic Shield potion.

Range Bonus

The damage of attacks in a certain range, defined by the modifier, will be increased by a certain number. This damage bonus augments only ranged attacks and not spells, runes, or charms, and will be added to the damage at the end. Hence, it does not benefit from character level, distance fighting, etc.

Damage Reflection

While wearing an item which has this modifier, enemies which deal melee damage to you will take a certain amount of damage for each attack. The reflected damage cannot be greater than 1% of the maximum hit points of the attacker.

For more information on these modifiers, please see the corresponding TL;DR.

We hope you like these new modifiers,
Your Community Managers

May 28 2021 -

Balancing Changes and Goshnar's Tribute

ibians, after further observing and analysing hunting behaviour in the Soul War hunting grounds, we still consider both their XP and loot too high, especially in regards to the level ranges that are currently able to hunt there profitably.
Also, while taints already pose a challenge, albeit mainly in regards to bosses, they do not yet impact hunts on a grander scale. We want to change that.

In order to address both aspects, we have decided to curb the XP and loot in this area again but also to reward players if they take on a higher risk.

Therefore, the following changes will be implemented on June 1, server save:

  • XP and loot of all normal monsters in the Soul War hunting grounds will be lowered by ~12%.
  • Those who are willing to take on a challenge will be able to increase their gains from normal monsters there through Goshnar's tribute:

Each taint grants an experience boost of 4.5%. Additional taints raise the experience points these 4.5% will yield due to compound interest. Moreover, each taint will also give you a 4.5% chance for a second loot roll.
For a party, the member with the lowest number of taints within shared experience range will be the reference for Goshnar's tribute and determines the boost for the whole party:

  • Example 1) A has 1, B has 2, C has 1, D has 1 = Goshnar's tribute for the party is 1 which yields 4.5% XP bonus and a 4.5% chance for an additional loot roll
  • Example 2) A has 1, B has 2, C has 1, D has 1, E has 0 = Goshnar's tribute for the party is 0 which means no XP and loot bonus through taints

The higher the number of taints, the higher the risk, and the higher the bonus you can get. Handling taints, especially several ones, requires sufficient strength and focus, and also guts, which fits very well with our vision for the Soul War hunting grounds. You can check the list of changes in the affected creatures and a few more details here.

On a general note, we will, of course, continue to observe and analyse huntings grounds across Tibia since balancing is an on-going process so further changes will be made in the course of time.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

May 27 2021 -

Eternal Hate

ar outside the furthest reaches of the mind's constructs, deep inside the neverending abyss, removed from the existence of impermanence, there lies a stead where evil, decay, and death collapse in on themselves to form a festering mass – hating, eternally.

If an unfortunate soul were by whatever means able to pierce the veil of nothingness, and arrive in this space beyond oblivion, they would find themselves locked fast in the grasp of doom, as in the distance they would hear an incessant voice devoid of all reason, drawing ever closer, and the sound of inevitability would ring in their ears.

WILL... EAT...

May 25 2021 -

Whispers in the Deep

ram could not help himself but let out a big yawn as he trudged through the mineshaft, pickaxe in hand. He was one of three prospectors who had been sent out to explore this uncharted area below Kazordoon, a fairly routine affair for them which did not elicit much excitement. Bram would have much preferred to sleep a while longer instead of getting up at the crack of dawn, and thoughts of his warm, cosy bed occupied his mind as he was barely able to keep his eyes open. Merely a little rest...

You are so tired. You need to sleep. Just a short nap. Lie down. Lie down.

Bram spun around. Now wide awake, his gaze was trying in vain to pierce the pitchblack darkness which filled the mineshaft ahead. Nothing stirred in front of him, as his heartbeat drummed up a storm.

"Is somebody there?", did he finally inquire, quietly, as not to awaken something inside the tunnel.

Again, no response but a dark maw starring at him. The dwarf tried to calm his nerves. He was tired, did not have his wits about him. No reason to panic.

You can be one of us. Join us. Join us.

"Who said that?!", shouted Bram. The voice sounded so near. Sweat formed on his forehead.

"Said what?"

Skagi had appeared behind him, with Agvald approaching as well. Both prospectors looked curiously at their colleague.

"That wasn't you? Tell me that was you!"

"What in Durin's name are you even talking about?"

"Those whispers! That... voice."

Agvald and Skagi looked at him with a mix of confusion and concern, before exchanging a disturbed look.

"Are you alright? You don't look too good."

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I mean... I'm a little tired, but... what I heard..."

"Maybe you should lie down. Just a short nap."

"Wha... what did you just say?"

They mock you behind your back. No one can be trusted. They are planning and scheming.

"A nap might do you good is all I'm saying."

Your friends are weak. They will give in to the voices. They will kill you.

"Stay away from me!" screamed Bram as he ran back to Kazordoon as if the elder gods themselves were after him, leaving behind two very befuddled dwarves.

May 20 2021 -

Buried Secrets

t was a hot day in Issavi. Only a few people strolled through the streets of Kilmaresh's capital, while most remained inside or sought shelter from the burning sun in the shade.

Heyred would have much preferred to join the vast majority of city folk who were escaping the bright beams shining down from above, but he was waiting for someone in the city square. His eyes fell upon one of the wanted posters plastered on a nearby wall.

... Those individuals are known cultists of Fafnar. They have to be consigned to the Sapphire Blade by all means!

"Hey! Hope the scorching sun hasn't melted your brain yet."

Heyred turned around, and Merwin's bright smile greeted his tired gaze.

"Yeah, maybe meeting up here wasn't the best idea after all."

"You picked the spot, remember?"

"I do. Who could have predicted it was going to be a hot day in Issavi.", he said drily.

"See it as a learning experience. Speaking of learning something, I've found out something interesting, too. Let's move inside where it's cooler, shall we?"

"Sounds good to me." Heyred glanced over the wanted poster one last time. "Isn't it weird how they still haven't found at least one of the four? They've been looking for them for months now, if not years."

"Focus. The knowledge I have acquired will change our fortunes, I am certain of it!" Merwin was brimming with excitement.

"Oh yeah? Like you were certain when you found that 'authentic' bonelord language dictionary or discovered 'true' boots of waterwalking?"

"Ah, don't be like that. This is the real deal!"

Heyred sighed. "Alright, I'll bite. What did you hear?"

"So, beneath the sands of Kilmaresh lie the ruins of Nuur, a city which sank ages ago below the dunes. Untouched since it went under. And I know how we can get there. Imagine what riches wait to be found inside by us!"

"What's the catch?"

"Well, it appears that we are not the first adventurers trying to explore that place, and none returned. So, it might just be a bit dangerous."

"Shocking. And I thought you said the city was untouched – how do those adventurers factor into that assessment?"

"Fine, as good as untouched, since nobody made it out alive. Meaning whatever treasure was buried is still there. So, what do you say?"

"Alright, I'm in." He did not exactly have a lot of other prospects lined up right now.

"Terrific. Oh, and there's also this seeress which needs help, we should check that out as well. Might be worthwhile."

"One step at a time.", replied Heyred as they set foot into the magic shop. They needed to be well prepared for whatever awaited them under the wastes of Kilmaresh.

May 18 2021 -

Galthen and the Lost Queen

althen sighed. He had hoped to have acquired more pertinent information by now about that which he sought. His quest for magical artefacts had brought him here, to Bounac, a yet fledgling settlement which had the markings of becoming at least a decent town at some point, should its development continue unhindered. For now, a lot of the buildings which were to stand here one day were but a figment of an architect's imagination. However, the town's pub was already standing, as nary a thing would get done without the help of some fresh brew to ease the reality of living on this rock. Galthen had held off on frequenting the place as from his experience, such an establishment would certainly provide one with information, though the veracity of claims made under the influence of ale was often quite dubious. Nevertheless, he was out of options by now.

A quiet atmosphere greeted him as he entered – not entirely unsurprising, considering that the sun stood high outside. However, a few patrons were already wetting their gullet at the bar.

"What can I get you, sir?"

The innkeeper kept polishing his glass as he addressed the seasoned knight.

"A bit of knowledge would gladden me the most, to be honest."

"Not sure you're in the right place for that. You won't even find a book in here."

"I've seen enough of those lately, trust me. Alas, most of the wisdom in the world has not been written down and remains inside the heads of beings like you and I."

"Ah, very well then, I might help with that after all. You'd have to purchase something first though – I've still got a business to run, you see."

Galthen reached into his pocket and put a few gold coins on the counter.

"Will that do?"

The innkeeper slightly raised an eyebrow.

"For that kind of money, I'll tell you my family secrets if you wish. Well, at least those on my father's side."

"That won't be necessary. Have you heard anything about a magical artefact located here?"

"Magical artefact? Can't say that I have, sorry."

As Galthen moved his hand towards the coins, he hastened to add to this answer.

"But I've heard other things, you see. There's a noble woman missing, who just up and left one day, leaving behind her husband and her newborn daughter. They say she behaved a bit odd before she left, a few days before it happened, but that might just be talk, now that she's gone. That's not all though. Kesar Etzel ordered his men to seal the entrance to the lower parts of the fortress. Nobody knows exactly why, but something must have terrified him, something which they found down there. They say there's a vast network of tunnels underneath Bounac, and who knows what stalks those dark places."

The knight paused for a moment and pondered what he had just heard.

"Where did that noblewoman live, and where is her husband now?"

"He still lives there. It's just down the road, the third house on the right."

"You have my thanks."

Galthen put another coin before the inkeeper and left the tavern. It did not seem that he was any closer to the artefact he was looking for, and instead had found new questions he certainly had not sought. Questions which needed answering...