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Feb 04 2010 -
Tibian Memories
unny memories are some of the best stories to tell. So why not share them with others?

Tibia's history is long and colourful and we are sure that most of you have many precious memories to look back on. In this featured article, we want to look on the bright side of Tibian life. So dig out your funniest Tibian memories, those that still bring a big smile to your face or give you a good laugh. Share them with us because we think there is no one better suited to tell such stories than you Tibians. We want you to fill this article with life!

Therefore, we cordially invite you to post your funniest moments in Tibia in the dedicated thread on our discussion board. To honour your efforts, we will add the stories that entertained us the most to this featured article. This means, the article will continuously grow and you will be the ones feeding it!

If your story makes it into this article, your post character name will be mentioned here as well. Also, this character will receive a CM token ingame! So do not hesitate and share your funniest Tibian memories with the whole community to re-live the moments. This is certainly a good chance to gain some fame!

To get things started, we community managers will share one of our funniest moments in our Tibian life with you.

Rejana: When I began my Tibian life in Rookgaard, a bit more than 5 years ago, I earned my living by killing animals and selling meat to NPCs. So I thought that trading food is a good way to make money. Then when I came to Venore, I was pretty lost at first and after I had bought my first spell, also broke. So I thought: "OK, I need to make money." Since I had no idea where to go, I fished for a while. After I had about 10 fish, I wanted to find out where I could sell it, so I asked in the chat channel: "Where can I sell fish?" - a player messaged me and said: "I buy, how many you got?" - I answered truthfully: "10". He said he would take all, and I was happy to have found a buyer that quickly. Nervously I got ready for the trade. When he saw that I offered 10 single fish, he broke out in loud laughter, just said "noob" and left. I was confused, and didn't understand what happened, so I messaged him again, and asked what I had done wrong. And he said that he had expected that I had 10 BPs of fish, that he had never heard of anybody trying to sell 10 single fish.

Mirade: If I remember correctly, it was back in 2008 when I suddenly felt the need to get a better outfit for my character to make her look more fancy. The jester outfit looked cute and seemed rather easy to get. I started to collect some things for the outfit quest. I had the pretty amount of around 15k sleeping in my bank account - which was quite much for me - so I decided to buy green tunics to trade them for a green piece of cloth since you need one in the quest. But then I thought it might be a good idea to have several green pieces of cloth in store, just in case... At that time 40 green tunics were necessary to get 1 green piece of cloth from Irmana. 10 green pieces of cloth sounded like a decent number so I had to buy 400 green tunics. I withdrew 10k from my bank account, enough money to buy them from Rudolph in Edron. Well, something I had not considered was my capacity. I was around level 22, I think, with a maximum capacity of 820, but it was always pending between 300 and 400 due to my equipment. So I bought 400 green tunics that weighed more than 3000 oz together!!! I was so shocked when I realised that the majority of my green tunics was placed on the square I was standing on, only a few had made it into my backpack... Yeah, what happened then was me running back and forth between Rudolph and the depot in Edron trying to save as many tunics as possible. Of course, there were some players who noticed the pile of tunics, made fun of the situation and spread them all across the shop. In the end, I managed to secure around 250 tunics. Well, at least I proved to be worthy of the jester outfit, I guess Bozo would have laughed himself to tears if he had seen me running to and fro.

Funny stories added on February 05:

Colzpaggie: I was exploring around, I loved the Tibian lands. I wanted to know more, what's over there? What's in there? What if I do that... Anyways... I was walking and walking, and I came across a hole! For those who know me, they can easily guess what was the first thoughts of me. Yup, I wanted to know what's in there! But I was afraid of few monsters, like that poison spider! Anyways, I decided to keep going. But to make sure that I wont lose any of my equipment in case of dying, I grab them all into my backpack and hide it in nearly safe place. And now I'm totally without any gear! I went down, walking and walking... Uhhh. It's all safe, I'm alive and there's nothing to be afraid of. So, I'm done here, shall I leave? Yea,... Urhh.. My rope? Where is it? WHERE THE HECK IS MY ROPE?!!

Yetharius: Before I really understood how to use parcels, I used to put some stuff behind a tree, log out, and go on another character and grab the items. But then I decided it was too risky and decided to not be so lazy and actually READ about how to use parcels. Actually parceling is quite simple, and I have no idea why I was foolish enough not to use it sooner. At any rate, I parceled a few empty bags to myself, then a few pieces of gold. After I was impressed enough to know it works, I made a whole new character, got him to level 8 and took him to the Thais depot. Then parceled all my items to my new character. But the box just stood there on the mailbox! OMG! Of course, a few players who often hang around the depot begging saw this as a great opportunity for some free "itens" and scrambled to get the package. As luck would have it, someone who I am relatively familiar with got it safely to a depot box and he stood there until I managed to get beside him. I thanked him profusely and checked the parcel's label. But the name and location was fine! I logged out and then back into the new level 8 character. But my friend was no longer there in the depot. In fact, everyone was different, and the rubbish on the depot floor was moved. Then it hit me. I made the guy on a different server.

Victory Paladin: Once, I was going to Plains of Havoc and found a lower level player. He had his life very low and politely asked for a food. Because of kindness, I gave my only dragon ham to him. Without hesitation he took it and threw it in a lake. Confused, I asked why he had done this, he asked me a question: "You think I'm stupid? You think I do not know is that meat is poisoned? You're trying to kill me, you noob." After crying with laughter, I returned to my hunt and never offered dragons ham for low level players again.

Hupefupe: It was 2006 or 2007 and my guild engaged in a forever-lasting war. We've been losing terribly to the opposite team, but unexpectedly some high level elite knight joined us. He was very ambitious and devoted, so he advanced in ranks really fast. After a month he'd join our ventrilo and ask: "How do you become a vice leader?" “"You can't, unless you send your application to our leader and he accept it," we responded. After a short conversation, he got an address and all details. Before we explained that it was a joke, he disconnected from Ventrilo and headed to local post office to send an application (photo included!). Our leader back then was [...] Israeli. I can imagine his face after receiving a mail from Polish applicant who asks to become a vice leader of guild Eternal March.

Funny stories added on February 08:

Heike Beleren: I remember that I went to the free troll cave at the North. I was trying to kill one Troll and it took me more than 5 minutes to kill just one. I was noob so I didnt have either food nor pots. It was boring but suddenly, a blue message appeared saying: Traveling Philosofer: "What's up man, so u decided to play?" It was very strange and I thought it was something like a tutorial so I kept playing. The name Philosofer made me believe it was. The strange blue message didn't give up and messaged me again: "If U want to open the monsters or use something press the Ctrl and then one click with de mouse (left)." Twenty minutes later and a lot of messages without answer, the blue message taught me how to send messages to other people (probably 'he' understood that I didnt know how to do it... 'he' kept sending me messages for 20 minutes and I didnt answer it.) When I finally was able to respond, I said: "Thanks CipSoft, your tutorial was the best that I ever had." Well, my answer was "¬¬" and a message with Caps Lock saying: "Your stupid, Francis (my friend) here... I was sending U msgs like an idiot!"

Ralaxtus: My friends had already told me about Tibia before I begin playing it. So, when I started I was already noticed about the skull system on open-pvp (back in time, "pvp server" )... However, some new players weren't! I was coming back of a really profitable hunt, with some maces and swords to sell, got 'em on Ghostlands. But when I arrived to Carlin, I saw a Red Skull passing by, then I decided to run to temple, 'coz I knew I'd be safe there. When I found the temple, a newcomer was just coming to main land. She saw the red skull player, and before I could warn her about the risk, she left the temple to ask him: "Ohh, I loved this cute strawberry on your name, how do I get one?" After some seconds she back to temple again, but with less Exp.

Revira: This story is about when I was going to help a guild with the Pits of inferno quest and also make it myself. [...] I was very happy that I could help and took the boat to Liberty Bay and walked to their guildhall. There the leader threw some money on the ground and asked me to buy 1000 bps for him, and I was like: wow 1000 backpacks, what did he need that for? But I didn’t want to take his time, since he already was a bit late. So I went to the NPC in Liberty Bay who sold backpacks and said "trade". I noticed that I only could carry around 60 of them, so I bought 60, went to the dp and left them there for the moment, and thought; this will take some time. Anyways after a second thought, I really couldn’t think of what he needed so many backpacks for. So I messaged him and said: "I can only carry 60 bps at a time." "60bps?," he answered. "Yea, or humm, what did you want me to buy?," I asked confused. He answered: "1000pbs." And I asked again: "Hmm, pbs?" "Yes, power bolts," he said. And I was like: Ohhhhh, hahaha ehm give me one more minute. I felt so ashamed and embarassed afterwards and couldn't help thinking about how dumb I had been.

Funny story added on February 09:

Ralitix: I will never ever forget when I was exploring Rookgaard after reaching level 5 on my first character ever, I had just figured out how to climb a ladder. So I went into the place with a few sheeps (a lot smaller back then) and someone closed the gate. I couldn't find the gate and had no idea how to open it, no friends online that could help me or anything. So the only thing to do was create a new character. I'll never forgive whoever closed that gate...

Funny stories added on February 10:

Arabelle: When the counsellor position still existed, and back when I was a counsellor I received all kinds of messages as to what a counsellor is, what do they do and what kind of powers do they have. Somebody (probably 3 days after I was appointed as a counsellor) messaged me asking what counsellors could do, and their commands. I answered him back saying we could warn in red text by writing "@[email protected] text" and that counsellors could also make server-wide broadcasts. He replied, asking me "how do you broadcast?" so I re-replied saying "#b is broadcast." #b worked exactly like #w or #y where after you write the command at the beginning of the chat window, you'll yell or whisper (or broadcast) the text respectively. It was about day three into my role as a counsellor, and my first broadcast to warn the Securan community was... "is broadcast". A lot of people messaged me back confused, and I felt pretty dumb haha.

Darkness In Amera: When I was in my low level like 15 I was mapping because I really don't like seeing black abyss in my minimap. I found a rots cave so I explored a bit. Then I found a Brazilian fellow who insulted me, tells me to leave. I explained that I will not kill anything but he did not reason so I killed a rotworm in front of him and said "Oh my this one gave a magic longsword if only you had killed it! Oh well, it only happens once every 1000 million tibia years and never again, sorry." I laughed to myself awaiting his answer which was "You noob, I have 3 of those."

Funny stories added on February 11:

Shadow Shiva: I remember when I first started Tibia. I had only 1 friend playing it before I started, but he wasn't very experienced either. All around in my adventures, players kept coming upon me asking "PL?", "PL?" ... I never figured out what PL meant, but then I found Tibia Wiki. I browsed a bit and saw a picture and description of a very nice looking legs (Plate Legs), so, whenever would someone come to me asking "PL?", I was like: "Srry, I don't have :/" ... Later in mainland, about lvl 17, my friend helped me with gold a bit and stuff, and when I saw a guy on trade channel saying "Sell Plate Legs", I was like "OMG that's so rare item, I gotta buy it." ... Yeh, you can imagine how surprised I was later when I found out what for I've given 4000 gp.

Hapex: I remember shortly after the launch of the Liberty Bay update I was minding my own business in the protection zone on the boat next to Sebastian on Meriana (this was on another character/server). Anyway, I got approached by some high-level who was clearly in a great hurry, who started to greet me with 'hi' several times. So I replied as I usually do, in polite friendly terms with punctuation and capital letters. So he kept on with 'task', 'quest' and so I quietly acquiesced to his demands and told him to get me a pear from an evil dwarven geomancer who had been last seen in the triangle tower. To my utter surprise, off he went. Thinking to myself now, 'is it really possible to be that unobservant?'. Well, I got my final answer as he returned with a pear - and since I obviously couldn't teleport things into his backpack I dropped 5 platinum coins on the ground beside him. It was only fair since he (maybe) ran all the way across the map to get me a pear. Definitely one of the strangest things that ever happened to me since I started in 2004.

Funny story added on February 12:

Cobrazion: When I first started playing Tibia back in 2004, me and my friend was walking around the swamp area just north of Venore, and me being the courageous adventurer that I saw a hole and was quick to go down it. After I went down and found out it was just a 2 square foot area with no place to use a shovel, I messaged my friend and said "this hole is pointless" and he quickly replied "let me come and take a look." So he came down and quickly noticed that there was no rope spot either. He quickly said "Dude, how do we get out?" Me being so new to the game said "Maybe we have to stack some items until we get above ground?!" (Not knowing this wasn't possible.) He quickly logged on another character, came over with some parcels, popped down the hole and started stacking parcels, and after he ran out we noticed it hadn't worked. Finally, after 20 minutes of debating, I told him to pk me and I would run back over here and rope him out. Upon my return I noticed I didnt't have a rope because it was in my dead body. I messaged him and said "Dude I dont have a rope," and without thinking he replied "Well come get it and get me out of here" so I went down the hole and quickly realised we were in the same situation. After, begging for help over gamechat, a guy came and roped us up only for us to fall prey to the trap again a few days later while trying to do a "quest" a few days later.

Funny stories added on February 15:

Makara: I saw that people are selling rats and rabbits to Tom. So, I collected some dead rats and rabbits and tried to sell them to him and he said he only accepts fresh corpses and didn't buy mine. So, I wondered what can be fresh corpses? I went and killed one or two rabbits, carried them to Tom and sold them with meat and carrots inside them. This time he accepted and I thought fresh means that either meat or carrots should be inside the corpse. Then, after some time, I found that people were selling meat to Willie at 2 gp each. I thought, why should I sell a rabbit at 2 gp with 2 meat in it to Tom, while I can sell meat for 2 gp each to Willie to make 4 gp? So, I started selling meat to Willie. Only after a few days I realized that fresh means recently killed.

Apalapan: My first char ever was Alan Magno, created on the 7.8. I was exploring Rookgaard's academy (I was noob), and I found the troll, the bug, and the spider. I tried to kill them but they left me with yellow HP. I left the cave. Then I found "an orange thing and blue moving spikes" (the fire and the energy fields). Curiously, I stepped on the fire field. Then I realized: Oh sh... I'm on fire! I was scared because I was about to die. Then I thought: Hope that the blue spikes are Ice! I stepped on it and then I died for first time.

Funny story added on February 16:

Alekronos: Just now before server save, a high level claimed that he was about to aquire a heart backpack. So I decided to race him and beat him to it. So I put on a time ring, hasted over to an NPC to buy milk, then I ran over to Ab'dendriel to buy a scythe and cut down some wheat, then I took a quick boat to Thais and used the mill so stonemill road get flour, and then raced to Greenshore with all the above mentioned ingredients plus a bar of chocolate. I was now 3 minutes before server save so I drank mana fluids to keep hasting. I got to Greenshore 2 minutes before server save and rapidly pured the milk into a trough, then I made lump of dough with the wheat, then in all my nervous jittering due to the race against time I used the bar of chocolate first and ate it instead of mixing it with the dough ... 04:59 Server is saving game in 1 minute. Please log out. ... -drum roll & smash symbol- ... 05:16 Your last visit in Tibia: 16. Feb 2010 08:25:10 CET ... Player X :funny that we didn't need the cake eh? ... -facepalm- ... 05:30 You see a heart backpack (Vol:20). It weighs 18.00 oz. ... -drum roll & smash symbol-

Funny stories added on February 17:

Cerdo: I went to hunt rats in the rookgaard sewer, I made my way trough the rats and reached a box... I was surprised to find a combat knife, I continued exploring the cave using my new combat knife until I found a broken sword on the ground ... I thought my new combat knife could break! I decided to hit the rats with the combat knife one time and kill them with my fists ... Time later a friend that was lvl 8 asked me "What sword do you use?" And I told him that I just found an combat knife, he tried to give me his katana because he was leaving to main, but I told him "No man, I dont want to break it."

Karsius: When I first played Tibia, it was back in the 2004, I remember that I used to believe that the monsters were controlled by humans. I remember that I always went to the spot on Rookgaard with the Orc Spearmen and tried to talk to the monsters, saying things like "Hey, come on, I won't tell anyone, I know that you are a human that controls this monster, just please tell me how can I become a monster in Tibia and how much do I get paid for it? I won't tell anyone, I promise!". It didn't work, but after I got some more experience in the game, that you loose your levels and equipment when you die, I even created a new special character to talk to the Rats in the sewers and convince them to tell me how much CipSoft pays them and how can I become one. All the people who were looking at me talking to Rats in the sewers must have had a lot of fun, Hihi. I even asked people in the Help channel about how to become a monster in Tibia and how much do I get paid for this, but the answer was either a laugh, an insult, or just no answer. People thought I was kidding and I was so serious! Oh, and yes, it took me a while to finally understand that monsters in Tibia were monsters, not Humans.

Funny stories added on February 18:

Bes: I started playing Tibia in June 2003, my girlfriend (now wife) started about a week after me, even with my week long head start she had managed to leave Rookgaard quite a bit faster than I, this was mostly due to the fact that I was neglecting to search for new armor/weapons, and that I didn't understand about blocking only 2 monsters at a time with my shield. I'd often have to wait ages after killing some rats to be at a reasonable health level. My girlfriend saw I was clumsily blocking the rats, and generally having a difficult time getting through Rookgaard, so one day she suggested to me "why don't you just rope them?", it felt like a light had all of a sudden been turned on - I thought to myself "oh, so that's why this game is so hard, because you need to rope creatures" - with my new found 'knowledge' I surrounded myself with as many rats as I could find, then began to quickly use my rope on each one, expecting them to change to tied up 'roped rats' ready to be squashed with ease by my club, my ensuing death quickly put an end to that misunderstood theory!

Oedemus Soldier: I remembered one of my funniest memories of all time, My girlfriend started to play Tibia and it was back at 2009 when she first created her character Yaluxa Lyxnarit. I logged on my rookguard character Oedemus on Rookguard so I could help her out and show her the basics. Everything was fine and going good as I explained everything to her. As I look in my inventory backpack I had an extra leather boots so she could were them. I threw it on the floor so she could pick it up and put the boots on her inventory. I said to her "But on the boots, it is not much but it is a start though." I was waiting for her to pick them up and put them on the inventory but the only thing she did was put them beneath her character. Then I said to her "Hey, why don't you put your boots on?" Then she said to me "don't I have them on?" I began laughing my heart out because she thought that her character had the boots on because they were beneath her.

Funny stories added on February 19:

Neucila: I will never forget when I first discovered the chameleon rune. I was walking around venore when I saw this high level character run past me looking like a gold coin. I was amazed by that, so I messaged him asking how could I turn into objects. He then told me it was a rune, chameleon rune. I found that amazing and I had just had the best idea ever -- use the rune to help me gain some quick levels and save some money!!! I then bought an entire backpack of chameleon runes, grabbed my gear and went off to orc fortress. Fought my way into the fortress, til the big ramp that leaded to a big spawn of bersekers and other scary creatures. That was the furthest I've ever went! But now, with my idea, I was gonna master the entire fortress!!! All I gotta do is use a camouflage to hide so the orcs won't be able to see me! So I grabbed my chameleon rune and for the first time ever I turned myself into bag, went down and.... DIED! Back at temple I was furious wondering what was the point of buying a chameleon rune that doesn't work!!!

Winion: A few months after Dolera was up and running, my friend had me start to play Tibia with him. [...] One day as we were preparing for a trip to the Plains of Havoc, he tosses me a backpack filled with blue runes and told me to use them on myself only against player killers, because they were expensive and it was unnecessary to use an Ultimate Healing rune on myself while fighting cyclops. Still in awe of the runes, I agreed, and we made our way to the hunting grounds. On our way there we passed a then level 68 Xekoroth and his friend Cedas, said "hi" and went on our way. A few minutes later, running a Demon Skeleton with my beastly wand of vortex, I managed to corner myself. I did not have much mana and could only heal a few times with exura. Sure enough, after a few seconds I was dead, dropping an entire backpack of Ultimate Healing runes along with my one and only wand and shield. I told my friend and he said he'd try to get it back but the two high levels we had seen earlier had taken my backpack. Not minutes later did I receive a message from one Xekoroth, asking me why I had died with an entire backpack of UH runes on me. I promptly explained to him that my friend had given them to me for use against PK's only, and he told me not to waste them. Laughing, Xekoroth explained to me that saving yourself from a death is worth much more than a few hundred GP's for a rune.

Funny story added on February 22:

Ives the sequel: Back when I started playing Tibia, Antica and Nova were the only servers. The game was so different back then, and one of the main differences was: Giant Spiders could not walk through energy fields. I always watched my friend hunting the one in Darashia by shooting an energy bomb under the spider so the spider wouldn't move therefore it wouldn't hurt you. I thought to myself "wow that is amazing!". So I worked my way through making a few backpacks of energy bombs. When I finally had 3 entire backpacks I went to try it out hunting the single GS in Darashia. It worked perfectly I had gained an entire level in no time and was so excited about it! Went to bed looking forward to hunting some more Giant Spiders. When I got back from school the next day, I logged on tibia and there was an update, so I downloaded it and rushed to Plains of Havoc, my plan was to get level 40 that day. So I lured a Giant Spider and shot an energy bomb under it and... "WHAT THE HECK? HOW IS IT WALKING THROUGH THE FIELDS?" -- You are dead. Just my luck eh? That's when I learned to read everything about updates before logging in after one.

Funny stories added on February 23:

Drama Queen: One day I started walking around Carlin and I realised people had houses! I was amazed that you could have houses and decorate them as you wanted... I bought my first premium because I really wanted a house and the outfits! I still didn't know how to get a house after I bought premium, so I asked my friend to teach me. He told me that I needed to find an empty house and bid on it on the website. I just knew Carlin, so I started walking around and looking if they were empty, but all I saw was "Nobody owns this house". After seeing at least ten houses 'owned' by 'Nobody,' I complained to my friend: "Hey! This Nobody guy has every single house here, can you talk to him and ask to sell me one?" (Pathetic, I know! I didn't really know English and my friend was just making fun of me)! My friend said he would talk to 'Nobody' and he would let me know his answer. I was waiting for almost two weeks when I saw a level 10 walking by depot, his name was "Nobodiy" or "Noboody," to be honest, I don't even remember. Anyway, I basically spammed him asking if he would sell me one of his houses, all he did was send me question marks and copy me the message that I was ignored by him. My friend told me the truth months later... I got really mad because I spent months spamming the poor kid every time he logged in to sell me a house.

Celaya: There I was, level 8 in Thais, ready to go find my real life friend and show him I was in main, finally! I had spent about 5 days trying to get out of Rookgaard, so it was such a big deal being in main for me! I remember like it was yesterday, walking out of temple, seeing skulled people, the big crowd in the depot, everything was so new and exciting! But the thing I was excited the most about, was to see my friends house. The idea of having a house was so cool in my opinion, so he gave me some directions and I walked my way through there. It was south of depot, it had a backyard, it was the coolest house ever. My real life friend then invited me in and said I could live there with him until I had money and a premium to buy my own house, and that I could use his equipment and stuff while he was out of town, he was going to travel for a week the very next day. We logged off for the night and the next day I logged in and was planning to go try and gain some levels. So I grabbed my gear and got all ready, went downstairs and click on the door to open and … "Uhh wait, how do I open this?" - it wasn't long until I realized I was trapped inside the house. I had no idea what to do so I started screaming in Thais (had no idea there was a help and a game chat!) asking someone to open the door for me. Went through the barrels in his house and found a backpack of keys, so I was relieved for a second thinking "At least my friend left me copies of his house keys." - Silly me! Tried out all keys he had on the door and nothing. I didn't know what else to do! I couldn't stay there trapped for an entire week! So I did the only thing that sounded like a solution to me at the time – Created another character and spent another 5 days or so trying to get out of Rookgaard, only to find out about the Alana Sio spell when my friend got back. I laugh about it nowadays, but back then it was very, very frustrating!

Funny stories added on February 24:

Gamble Nochetio: My first day of Tibia. Long before the tutorial came out. I was playing with my two friends who were veterans of the game. They took me into the rat cave. Like any noob I didn't know how the ladders worked, and tried to click on the ladder itself. Unfortunately, I never learned the error of my ways. One of my friends was impatient and wanted to keep traveling, whilst my other friend was a man of very few words. When I got to my first ladder I couldn't get up. My impatient friend went up ahead. While my other friend simply said "on the square". Instead of clicking on the square, I stood on the square, and clicked the ladder. Meanwhile, my impatient friend got sick of waiting for us and decided to rope me. I thought I used the ladder successfully. So I over-confidently told them that I had mastered the basics of the game and that they could leave me. I spent the next week in the bottom of cave rats.

Fwyh: About 3 years ago, I had a character in Mythera and played there for a long time with real friends and my REAL FATHER! Yea! He plays Tibia. I remember one day when we all were in a meeting and decided to hunt demons. Imagine that, for a 50 years old player, how it was to him? What's the feeling he felt there? At the beginning he starts to complain telling that he wont go there with us and a lot of poor excuses, but we convinced him to go. What a lucky day, at his FIRST demon we dropped a Magic Plate Armor (one of the most rare items in that time). My friends starts to scream and so my father looked at me and asked "Why are they screaming? What happened?" and so I answered "Dad! Look at your screen!!! Look the loot!!". After a few minutes he realized what we got and so all of us start to laugh. That was a good day that we all must remember. And an advice for all: Create an account to your parents, you'll enjoy that!

Funny story added on February 25:

Stoeic Death: One day I was playing around with my real life friends on Tibia. We decided it be cool to explore Kazordoon. ... Just as we left I saw there was a little path behind a drawer and I went back in the room and moved the drawer and followed the little path till the end where I found a lever and a hole. ... We then planed that he would jump down the hole and I would rope him up quickly. So we did that and he said there was nothing but another hole. So now it was my turn, I jumped down the hole and I found out that I landed in the path btwn dwarven bridge and Ab'Dendriel but I was roped up quickly. There were people going through the path just as I went down and came back up to where my friend was. So I jumped back down again, and he roped me back up again. The guy was confused on how I would disappear and then suddenly reappear without logging out. Apparently he thought I was magical, so I told him I can change my name. So I told my friend to rope me back up and he jumped down the hole and I roped him back up. We did this for a good 10 or 15 mins more and more people showed because he got his friends to come and try to figure it out but they couldn't figure out how we were doing this. Later on a higher lvl guy that knew that it was nothing special that we were doing revealed it and ruined our fun, it was really funny though while it lasted.

Funny stories added on February 26:

Kewoko: After talking to the Oracle, I decided I would be a Knight and go to Thais, so thats what I did, but for my surprise when I got to the main lands, the temple was full of people, I didnt really understand why but I was very anxious for the new quests and stuff so I started pushing people to get out of the temple... I was in the first row when for the first time in my tibian life I saw a Giant Spider, I got excited and afraid at the same time, there was also a guy walking back and forth, close to the Giant Spider, I didnt know exactly what he was doing but since he was the highest level around, I decided to ask him what was going on. He said someone had lured that Giant Spider over there, I asked if he could kill it, he said it was too strong for him but that he would give me a tip so I could finally go hunting. He said: If you wear green and hide under the trees, the Giant Spider wont see you, you just need to hop between trees. I found that very friendly and decided to do it right away cause I was very anxious to hunt in the so called main islands, but for my sadness 3 seconds later I was back to the temple...

Buggan: After passing the first bridge from Venore a Giant Spider showed up, my friend paniced, but still made it up to the mountain passage and safety. On the top another character stood, the one responsible for the luring. My friend typed what he thought was anditode (exana pox) but he misspelled it. I saw the error and was about to tell him, but he was focusing on the other character instead. Since it was his in-game dad and my friend began to type, "Daddy why?" and he dropped down dead by the poision! What a last sentence.

Dory Lee On Main Island: I was walking around Carlin depot with a real life friend when I decide to teach him how to play in a Open pvp Server. So we went to the highest floor of the Theater Avenue Flats and I started to put the chairs like a classroom where I was the teacher. Before we start the class a level 10 appeared and I invited him to try the first lesson, it was "save your life running away from player killers", i started to hit him and he started to run saying in capital letters "HELP HELP". When i stopped to attack, he asked if he did it good and told me he was ready for the second lesson. I will never forget that funny day in my tibian life.

Terereko: I was watching a movie of mine (made by one of those Tibia recording programs) in full screen. Then I paused the video to get a water glass in the kitchen. In this middle time, my stepchild passed by the door of our laboratory, and saw that scene: my character there, and all the stopped monsters around him. It was then that he asked, without thinking: "How did you do to pause Tibia?!"

This was the last funny story that was added to this featured article. We would like to thank all players who participated in this little contest for submitting their stories! It was a very pleasant time for us, and hopefully for you as well!

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