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Aug 26 2010 -
Introducing World Quests
magine, your choices and actions have an impact on your entire world. What you do and don't do in a certain period of time may have far-reaching consequences for your community. You form an alliance with fellow players to achieve a common goal, and the outcome of your struggles either does good to your compatriots or makes them suffer.

The time has come to take over responsibility - for yourself, for your friends, for all Tibians you live with. Answer the call of destiny, a destiny which is not only yours but one that is shared by all players on your world alike. It is time to unite! World quests will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the social ties on each game world. Starting on September 1, you and your Tibia characters will matter as never before.

What are world quests?

The concept of world quests builds upon our experiences with the Lightbearer event last year. Lightbearer 2009 was a pilot project, a world-spanning happening which made whole game worlds compete against each other for the first time. We loved seeing players working together, trying to achieve a common goal, struggling for victory and then facing the consequences of either failure or success. "But these consequences should not be limited to individual characters. They rather should have an impact on the entire world," many players wished for when the Lightbearer event had ended. So, out of that event coupled with the immense community feedback afterwards, the idea of world quests has evolved.

World quests are a great new opportunity for Tibia and the community. They are a special type of quest which is characterized by three main features:
  • World quests start on all worlds at the same time.
  • Players have to team up and work together to solve them.
  • Their outcomes have an impact on all players on a game world.
When talking about world quests, we have a huge range of events in mind that differ highly in duration, scope and style. Some of them, the big ones, can only be done once a year while medium or small ones are available on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. There will be world quests that are rather battle-heavy, where players all around a game world have to ally and defeat an evil creature together. Others will be more like 'keep it running for a couple of days' or 'team up and find a solution for it'. World quests are all about team work and community spirit. You cannot solve them alone but have to rely on the help of others, as others have to rely on you.

Likewise, the rewards will mainly be group rewards that temporarily affect the whole game world including the team that tried to master the quest. Rewards can range from modified potion effects to changed regeneration rates for characters or even special outfits. Within the scope of world quests, totally new kinds of rewards are imaginable!

And there is more to come. We will soon introduce a new page on our website that will provide the latest world quest-related information: Which game world is currently doing a world quest? Which one has already completed it victoriously, which one has failed? What is the most successful game world so far? All that, and much more, will be one of the next big things in the Tibia universe.

You are already excited about world quests, yes? Great! Because you won't have too wait long. The very first world quest is starting soon! In the first week of September, the social ties on each game world will be put to the toughest test in Tibia's history. Get ready for the Rise of Devovorga!

Rise of Devovorga - The first Tibia world quest

In times long gone, when the god wars waged, an ultimate weapon was forged by the most gifted minions of the demon lords. When it came into existence, its birth cry shattered the lower layers of hell for all eternity, and with it even its own creators perished. Here it was, an abominable creature, still barely conscious and by no means at the peak of its power - an ultimate living weapon that grew stronger day by day. Only a couple of demon lords were aware of its existence. They feared the weapon's power and that it could turn against themselves one day. So they decided that the weapon could not be allowed to exist. With all their might, the demon lords came down on the creature. There was no battle, no glory, just an ambush on a confused and fearful fledgling. With gruesome rituals they tore the creature apart and hid the pieces deep in the bowels of the earth, scattered all over the Tibian lands. That what could be described as the heart and brain was buried deep beneath the area that later became known as Vengoth. And here, for aeons, the torn creature had slumbered in the depths, poisoning the land above with its dark dreams. It might have remained that way until the end of time. But it didn't. The creature is awake. It started to think. Became aware of what had happened to it. Understood what it was and that it was not even complete. And it experienced pain, the thirst for revenge and the burning heat of rage.

The first world quest is an epic battle against the largest and most powerful monster Tibia has ever seen. Your mission is to annihilate the mighty Devovorga. On September 1, right after server save, a strange portal will appear on the island of Vengoth. Depending on the players' actions there, five other portals might open somewhere else on the surface of the Carlin Ghostlands, Plains of Havoc, the Ice Islands, Edron and Darama. The portals are level restricted so that teams from different level ranges will find worthy opponents behind. All of them hold battle-heavy challenges that need to be met in order to eventually bring down the mighty weapon.

The centre of all evil is Vengoth. Here, destiny will take its course. You will have to ally with players all around Tibia if you want to complete this quest. The portals will be accessible for 7 days, until server save on September 8. If you haven't found a way to eliminate Devovorga until then, you have failed.

In case of victory, you will be rewarded with:
  • +50% health and mana regeneration until September 30 for all players on the game world
  • special world quest achievements for participants
  • an exclusive collector's statue
  • supplies, experience, money
Stand up for your game world and lead it to success! The time for heroes has come.

Good luck, everybody!
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