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Apr 04 2011 -
Fansites - Cool Stuff, Cool People!
ibia fansites are almost as old as the game itself. Right from the beginning, there have been people who accompanied the development of Tibia on their own fansites - people who liked the game so much that they decided to spread and share information about Tibia on the internet.

The first permanent public Tibia server was set up in January 1997. Only one year later, when Tibia had about 600 players, we could see the first fansite mentioned on Tibia's old website. It was called Yorin's Tibia Homepage.
If we jump forward in time, just slightly more than two years, and we take a look at the Tibia website then, we can see that not only the game has developed greatly, but that there were also plenty of fansites around. Of course, many sites of that time are not online anymore, amazingly though, some are. Look at the pictures from the old Tibia website. Do you remember or recognise any of these sites?

So from the very early days of Tibia on, there have been players and fans sharing their knowledge about the game and carrying it all around the world. The fansites were the place for players to meet and to communicate with each other, even when they were not playing Tibia. Looking at the Tibia website from the year 2000, we do see a link called "forum", however, this link led to the forum on a fansite.
This shows how important the cooperation between fansites and CipSoft has always been for Tibia, the community and the development of Tibia to what it is today.

From this example, we can see that fansites often offer features and services that a community really enjoys or even needs.

There are different motivations that drive somebody to create a fansite. Some fansites really arise out of a need in the community, for example fansites that focus on a translation of information on the official website. If this need is noticed by somebody who would like to do more for the community than just be a part of it, a new fansite might be born. Today, Tibia has fansites in many different languages. Besides English, there are fansites that offer information in Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish and Swedish. Some fansites even try to provide information in further languages. This however depends on finding somebody with translating skills who would like to join the fansite team.

There are also other needs in a community, though, that do not depend much on language. Some fansites focus on concrete features that are missing on the official website. is an example for that. Its only purpose is enabling players to upload pictures and to share them with others. is an example for this, too. It was born out of the need for a fair and unbiased lottery system since Tibia players enjoy creating lotteries.

Another motivation could be the integration of Tibia in one's own real life, maybe by combining a hobby, Tibia, with practising programming skills. Asked about his motivation for creating a fansite, Mastro Daro, administrator of said in 2009: "My motivation? I do it for fun. I like internet technologies with my fansite I have to overcome some programming problems, learning new solutions etc. I am happy other players can use my work in their normal day while playing."
Probably every fansite admin has a different motivation for what he or she is doing, however, all of them are contributing to Tibia's community life, and they make Tibia more colourful.

Let's have a closer look at some of the cool features that our supported and promoted fansites offer today.
Many fansites provide a lot more detailed information on all kinds of ingame features than we do, for example. Be it monsters, items, NPCs, quests, etc. And many Tibia players appreciate this information very much.
We, CipSoft, have decided against publishing such detailed information ourselves, knowingly though, that the fansites will jump in. The reasoning for our decision is that we want players to be able to enjoy and explore the game on their own, without having very detailed information. Some players might lose their interest in quests and ingame stories when confronted with all the details. Other players, however, rather have all details at hand before they start out on their ingame journeys, and by using fansites, they will find them nevertheless.
If you are looking for such info, simply roam one of the three Tibia Wikis, for example. There is one in Portuguese, one in Polish and one in English.

Other fansites try to reach out for a certain player group, wanting to offer a meeting place especially for them. is an example for such a site. It is focussed on role players. However, stuff that you can find there, is most likely very entertaining for a much bigger group of Tibia players. Just taking one example, their Weirdiary offers "special" monster descriptions and is really worth a read.
Not only publishes entertaining stuff to read, though. Almost all fansites do this. Further examples are the new columns of, such as their Council of Wisdom which is full of "valuable" advice or their fun little games like Spot the Difference.

Other fansites do not focus that much on writing news and entertaining players with written words, they compile lots of interesting statistics instead.

Some even do both. Every time the team of comes across an interesting question ingame, for example, they do not hesitate long and start their research. They regularly publish research articles, this just being one of the many features they offer. They also offer a couple of cool calculators.

There are some amazing things that people from the Tibia community do on fansites. With Tibia now even has an internet radio, a pretty cool thing for a game without sound.
Or have you seen the Tibia Cubixes on They have entertained quite many people already. One of their biggest fans is CM Mirade who has already created several of these cute little figurines. Cubixes have also starred already in several Youtube videos and played a greater role in several contests, too.

Or have you ever played around with the nifty simulation tools has to offer? You can check out outfits with their outfiter or experience how it would feel to wear the strongest armour and toughest weapon with their dress up tool, for example. It is also really fun to simulate decorating your house with their decorator tool.

For some great features on fansites, players even joined forces to create something huge. Take a look at the World Map that is available on Can you spot your house on this map?

Tibia fansites are right on time. The World Map on is for Tibia what Google Earth is for the real world.

Another fad that has recently come up are social networks. Considering the awesome creative potential of the Tibian community, it is not really surprising that Tibia has its own social networks already! If you are a friend of Facebook & co., take a look at and
Since social networks have become so popular, many of our supported and promoted fansites have started using Twitter or Facebook as well, just like CipSoft has done, too. Do you already follow?

On fansites, you cannot only find fun tools, infos and facts. Their admins and helpers also organise conventions, contests and many ingame events. Fansite admins and their helpers really are a cool crew. If you have some ideas what else could be done and you want to contribute to the community as well, get active! You can join an existing fansite team or try to build up your own site.
As an advice for all people out there who would like to create a fansite themselves, Etien, admin of, has the following tip: "Try to do things right, if you do a fansite do it for love to the game and to help the community, it will work if you work hard for it. Get a nice group of people to work along with you."

Check out our supported and promoted fansites yourself and see which features you can discover and share them with the rest of the community!

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