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Jun 23 2015 -
Tibia Coins and the Store
ibians, we would like to inform you about an upcoming feature that will provide you with a more convenient way to enhance your Tibia experience through various products such as Premium Time, extra services for your character, mounts and outfits. Tibia Coins!

Tibia Coins

Tibia Coins are a new currency that you can purchase through the Webshop which you can access via your Account Management page. They are available in packages of different sizes. Once bought, Tibia Coins are available to all characters on your account and you can immediately access them from within Tibia.

There, you can spend them in the Store. The Store is a new, convenient interface that is accessible directly from within Tibia. It allows you to browse through a wide range of Tibia products for your character. If you fancy something from the Store for your character, you can buy it via Tibia Coins without having to leave the game. Moreover, once bought, you can use a product such as a mount or a Character Name Change, for example, right away.

So if you plan on buying several products you can simply purchase a large enough Tibia Coin package and then spend the coins on whatever products you want all of this through just one real money transaction via the Webshop.

Depending on your country and the payment method you use to purchase Tibia Coins, your coins may be immediately labelled as transferable. Transferable Tibia Coins can be used as follows:
  • You can gift them to other players via the Store. No matter if you want to surprise friends with a few shiny coins as a present or just want to help someone out who cannot purchase coins himself, the Store allows you to easily transfer Tibia Coins to other characters even if they are located on another game world.
  • They can be traded among players via the Market ingame. You can sell Tibia Coins to other players for ingame gold, and you can also buy Tibia Coins from other players for ingame gold. So if you cannot or do not want to purchase Tibia Coins with real money, you still have the possibility to treat your character to a new mount or a Character World Transfer, for example, or even to raise your account to premium status: You can trade the gold you earned ingame from killing monsters or doing quests for Tibia Coins which you can then spend in the Store!
For some payment methods, though, it will take 6 months until your Tibia Coins become transferable. These payment methods will be marked with two asterisks in the Webshop.

Summary of Important Facts

Before giving you a closer look on the Store, we would like to share some important facts with you about the changes this will bring to the order process and the products that are available to you.

  • Via the Webshop on our website, you will be able to buy different things for your account for real money: Premium Time, Tibia Coins packages, and extra services that affect your whole account, namely Account Name Changes and Recovery Keys. All of them can only be purchased for real money and with the exception of Premium Time (more on this later) only through the Webshop.
  • Tibia products such as buyable outfits or extra services for characters (e.g. Character World Transfer) can only be bought for Tibia Coins via the Store ingame.

  • Premium Scrolls will no longer be available. On the release day of Tibia Coins and the ingame shop, all existent paid-for Premium Scrolls that have not been used up to then will be converted into Tibia Coins. The same applies to all paid-for but unused Character Name and Sex Changes.
  • The amount of Tibia Coins you will receive for a converted product is equal to its price in the Store. Here are a few examples:
    • 1 paid-for, unused Premium Scroll will be converted into 250 Tibia Coins.
    • 1 paid-for, unused Character Name Change will be converted into 250 Tibia Coins.
    • 1 paid-for, unused Character Sex Change will be converted into 120 Tibia Coins.
    • For a list of available Tibia Coin packages and Store prices upon release, please check the corresponding announcement on the Payment Support board.
  • Ordered, but not paid Character World Transfers will be converted into Tibia Coins once the money arrives. However, if you have a paid-for but unused Character World Transfer before the release of Tibia Coins and the Store, you will also have a Character World Transfer ready to be used for one of your characters after the release.
  • Please note that any vouchers that have been handed out by CipSoft due to a game world merge will not be converted into Tibia Coins. All other vouchers handed out by CipSoft for character extra services or mounts and outfits will be converted into Tibia Coins. This does not refer to Double XP/Skill vouchers. They will not be converted. In order to keep you informed, you will receive an email for each conversion on your account.
  • Any open Market offers for Premium Scrolls will be cancelled and the Premium Scrolls will be converted into Tibia Coins upon release.
  • Upon release, you will only find already existing products in the Store. Of course, new products will be added in the future. If you have questions or doubts about what else may be offered there, please check the information we have provided back in July 2014 when buyable mounts and outfits were introduced.

  • The Store

    As already mentioned, the Store allows you to browse and buy a wide range of Tibia products directly from within the game. Tibia Coins are the currency with which you pay for these products. So to buy something from the Store, you need Tibia Coins on your account.

    In order to access the Store, you simply have to click on the respective icon in your inventory. It will replace the purse icon. The purse, where your Premium Scrolls are currently stored, will be removed since it will not be necessary anymore. Additionally, you will also be able to access the Store via the General Controls menu in the Tibia Flash client.

    Immediately after Tibia Coins have been assigned to your account (depending on your payment method this may take a few days), you can use them in the Store you do not have to transfer them into the game as it was necessary with Premium Scrolls. Moreover, each of your characters can access the coins on your account. If you buy a character-related product, it will be activated for the character on which you are online during the purchase.

    In the Store, you can find a wide range of Tibia products. Once bought for Tibia Coins, your character can use them right away. Most of them do not even require you to relog to activate them.

    Products are grouped into different categories:

  • Extra Services
    • If you want to change the name, sex, or world of your character, you can find the respective extra service in this category. As soon as you buy a Character Sex Change, your character will automatically and instantly turn into the opposite sex. When buying a Character Name Change, you are asked to enter the new name for your character. If the name is available and you confirm the purchase, you only need to start your client anew to finalise the change and walk the Tibian lands under your new name. World transfers allow you to transfer your character to another game world. While the purchase of a Character World Transfer will initiate the transfer process of this character, you still need to log into your account on the Tibia website to select the target world and you also need to prepare your character ingame to complete the Character World Transfer.
  • Premium Time
    • Here you can buy Premium Time for 30, 90, 180 or 360 days. Premium Time bought for Tibia Coins via the Store will be immediately activated and, in contrast to other products, applies to your whole account, of course. So premium status is just one click away, you do not even need to relog to activate it.
  • Mounts
    • If you want to add a certain mount to your collection, simply pick the travelling companion of your choice and buy it for Tibia Coins to be able to select it for your character via the "Set Outfit" dialog.
  • Outfits
    • Similar to mounts, you can also enhance your characters' appearance through a new outfit. You can choose between buying full outfits and base outfits. If you already own a base outfit but would like to spice it up, you can also buy one or even both of its add-ons via the Store, of course. Moreover, as you can see in the screenshot, mounts and outfits that you already own on your character will be greyed out.

  • If you have transferable Tibia Coins at your disposal, you can also use the gifting option. You can select the amount of Tibia Coins you want to transfer to another character and need to insert the name of the character you want to receive your gift. As soon as you have confirmed the action, the coins will arrive within the blink of an eye so the recipient can immediately use them with all characters on his account.

    If you would like to stock up on Tibia Coins, you can click the "Get Coins" Button which will open the Tibia website in a separate browser window.

    The transaction history in the Store keeps track of all the transactions of your account that involve Tibia Coins. You can also check your Tibia Coins history via your account management page on the website.


    Transferable Tibia Coins can be traded among players via the Market. If you would like to buy or sell a certain amount of Tibia coins for gold, simply set up the respective offer. Both premium and free account players can place buy and sell offers to trade Tibia Coins.

    We would like to point out that no extra gold is being added into the game this way. Being able to trade Tibia Coins with each other just shuffles around gold which is already in the Tibia economy.

    Public Test

    If we have peaked your curiosity and interest, make sure to join the upcoming public test. Along with the test of the summer update, you will also be able to try out Tibia Coins and the Store before the official release. As usual, the first testing phase will be private but rest assured that a public phase will follow soon.

    Of course, our manual will be updated with more details upon the release of Tibia Coins and the Store. Moreover, the Store itself will also provide useful information and tooltips for a better understanding.

    See you in Tibia!
    Your Tibia Community Managers