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Sep 02 2015 -
Behind the Gate of Expertise for Level 999
ibians, are you up for a game?

Read the following story first, then find the rules to the game here! You can win premium time, CM Tokens and arcane insignias, so reading on might really be worth it!

The Story

Curiositor has met Hairycles on one of his scouting expeditions north of Tiquanda, in Banuta. Ever since they have become friends, he has been helping the leader of the apes whenever it had been necessary. For example, one time he figured out how to decipher a parchment for him, or another time he helped him out with a hydra egg.
He has fought many tough fights in the name of Hairycles already, but what he has been asked to do now, was on the edge of being too much to ask from a friend.

Already during his last expedition for Hairycles that had brought him to the Forbidden Lands, Curiositor had believed that he would not make it back in one piece. Back then, he had already wanted to tell Hairycles that the dangers of these missions are too much for him.
However, when he had returned in one piece, proudly showing the giant ape's hair that he had retrieved from these dangerous lands for his friend, he had felt an immense amount of pride rise up inside of him and he had quickly decided back then to quit the whining and to present himself as an all-time hero.

And now here he was, once again, risking his life because he had not been brave enough to admit to his fears. He was on a path that could easily mean his end. This time, for real. He found himself facing bonebeasts, serpent spawns, hydras and medusae. All this fighting only in order to destroy the statue of the snake god, which was the new mission he had been sent on by Hairycles.
If he were to survive this journey, he thought to himself, he would really set things straight this time. He did not want to be sent on any other dangerous mission for the apes. It had finally become time to confess his fears.

When recounting his adventures, Curiositor had always skipped the part that he had usually been lucky enough to meet companions on his ways who helped him. Hairycles had never heard a word of this. No wonder he continued to send him on missions like this! Curiositor was perfectly aware that he had been sent into this hell only because of his need to boast.

Luck had been with Curiositor for this mission, too. He had run into a group of strangers who were headed into the same direction and he proceeded along with them to fullfil his job. Alone, he would not have stood a chance. And even though Curiositor had to withstand the urge to flee several times on this trip, he managed to complete the mission. He felt already very tired and exhausted when he finally smashed down the hammer on the statue in order to destroy it.

While searching the area for an easy way out, Curiositor discovered a closed door with the typical light of a teleporter shining through it. He was certain that this would be a short cut back home. When he tried the door knob, though, he heard a whispering: "Only the worthy may pass."

The Game

And now, Tibians, here is the game: What would you expect behind the famous gate of expertise, the door that can only be passed with or above level 999?

Head on over to the featured article thread to find detailed instructions about how to participate, and let us know...

...what's behind that door?
Your Community Managers!

Canditate Number 1

Taghor's idea:

It was all a dream

After stepping through the portal the world around fades into black. I realize that my eyes are closed and that I hear someone shouting: "wake up!" I feel dizzy and can't realize what happened to me.

I open my eyes and recognize that I lie in my bed. Suddenly I realize that all my adventures in the world of Tibia were only a dream that begins to fade quickly.

I stand up and prepare my day for the daily work at the farm of my parents. I wonder if all these adventures I did, that they really were only imaginations of my mind?

Fighting against Orshabaal, mastering the Annihilator, lumberjacking the demon oak. All this only a dream...

My mother comes to me and tells me to milk the cows and that I am late and should hurry up. I take the bucket and go over to the stable.

But i have a slightly feeling that something is wrong here.

Technical Description:

The player gets teleported to a separate island were he gets to play as a young farmer (level 1 or 2 and all skills on 10) who has to do some tasks like herding sheep and milking cows, or protecting his village (and failing in it). The island could look like Rookgaard, so that you have the feeling that you got "rooked".

After some "quests" as a farmer its revealed that this was all an illusion by an evil demon who wants to protect his treasure.

The time on the island should not be brief and progress should be given not only by online time. For example: You have to milk the cows several times, but you can do this only every 6 hours.

The player should feel powerless like a normal farmer and not like the almighty Level 999 he was before. Let him be killed on his tasks, but he doesn't loose his real level. (that's too evil )

He can't earn experience here, but he can gain points for fighting the illusion he is trapped in. But who knows? Perhaps he finds this kind of questing more interesting as hunting on his level and decides to stay... Well no, i was only kidding, there wouldn't be a Tibia player who would do this. :)

After successfully fighting the illusion the player gets to fight a boss-demon and gets a nice reward after this. Should be an equipment that only can be used by people with Level 999.

Canditate Number 2

Olhador of Siri's idea:

When entering the door, the player will have to face a choice that can change the fate of Tibia.

He will find a room, filled with purple flames bringing light to every corner - except the end of the room. The walls are made of an strange material, that seems to be moving, like there are snakes moving underneath it.

There is a corridor between the flames, leading the path to the dark place in the end of the room. By following the path, the player will start to see some kind of translucent magic wall in the frontier of the dark spot, and behind it, something is moving slowly in the player's direction.

Looking closely, because of the darkness, the player can barely understand what he is seeing, until he hears the voice: "At last... Someone brave enough to see me..."

The voice was more powerful than the voices of any demon the player faced, striking more fear than Ferumbras, Prince Drazzak and Orshabaal combined. However, the player was also powerful beyond measure, so he asked "Who are you? Why are your imprisioned?"

And the voice answered: "Who am I? I am Zathroth, and together we can bring doom... And I can give you power beyond measure. You are the first powerful enough to enter this prison, and you are the only one who can free me. If you choose to do so, you will be rewarded. I will give you my skin and blood, so you can cover your body and become more then human. We will free every demon in the land, destroy every kingdom and rule the humans as their superiors. So, what to you say, human?"

The player listened to Zathroth, and felt the power in his voice. He felt tempted, but he could feel inside him that the magic of Zathroth was trying to corrupt his hearth. So, challenging him, he said: "What if I just leave and let you rot here?"

The demon responded: "Of course you can do that! You can walk away... And when the next comes and accepts my offer, you will be the one who will suffer... forever."

So the player said: "What if I destroy the door? Nobody would never find you again, and you would suffer forever."

"To destroy the door to this place, you would have to sacrifice EVERYTHING - your power, your items, your addons. Are you willing to do that, boy?"

The player sat down and started thinking. He stood there for hours, and finally got up and said:

"I made my choice."

Canditate Number 3

Bex's idea:


Behind the teleport there will be NPC Thousenda and 2 reward chests. After a simple conversation, he will be given enough experience points to nearly reach lvl 1000 - it will be only 1 exp left to reach it. NPC Thousenda will ask him to name all his friends who want to share this moment with him and then he will teleport all of them to the room with 1000 lvl sign on the floor (to make screenshoots etc). When he will write 1000 in this room, he will get this 1 exp to reach lvl 1000.

After few minutes he will be teleported again to NPC Thousenda and will be asked to choose one of the rewards magic thousand sword/axe/club/rod/wand (65 attack + 4 skill points or + 5 to mlvl and 200 damage each shoot on monster) or magic thousand shield (55def or 6mlvls and 35 def for mage). And of course he will get 15 achievement points.

Suddenly all NPCs in Tibia start talking about him cheering his name and all Tibia players will know now that we have the first lvl 1000 in Tibia!!

Canditate Number 4

Vofibu's Housemaid's idea:

The story of the first man who entered the 999 door:

I was suddenly transported to a strange place, flashing lights, machines and glowing vortexes of what appears to be different people in different time and dimensions. This is not like anything I have seen or experienced before. I walked forward through a corridor without a physical floor, walls or ceiling. It consisted of transcendent pictures of my own existence. Out of nowhere a green glowing shade appears it has a similar appearance as of a ghost but it is a physical being: pale, green glowing, tall, slim, lifeless and frightening beyond what I can describe. It is the most alien sight I have ever seen.

With what can best be described as thunder it said:

I am ZATHROTH, you are so much less than me but still something to be able to reach this realm

I was speechless, frightened and ecstatic. I could not do more than to kneel before it.

I am the creator of you, everything you have seen, everything you have done and everything you have been. You have proven yourself worthy of meeting me at last. But be warned: not many have seen me and survived - but fear not, this one time you will be so lucky to walk away. I will grant you one wish, you are allowed to ask for one thing and one thing only.


I regret what were to come, I did not think it through, I merely reacted. I was in no means prepared for this. I had been expecting to meet the hardest of a challenge I had ever met for that at least I would have had a chance. Here is what came:

I said Can I wish for anything and you would make it happen?
With a voice as if it came from the earth’s core itself:

So your wish is in the form of wisdom. Very well my answer is: I AM EVRYTHING, YES YOU COULD HAVE ASKED FOR ANYTHING! - You shall never see me again as long as you are breathing.

With an evil laugh trembling in the distance, I stood there now alone. The images of my life were fading out... It all got silent... I were on my knees still, closed my eyes and when I opened them again I were sitting outside the door that I had passed minutes before... only those who are worthy may pass.

I left a parchment and pinned it next to the door. My words to those who are to follow: being able is not the same as being worthy. Think twice before entering this door.

Canditate Number 5

Zafey's idea:

Our hero left Rookgaard eons ago, Cipfried is just a vague memory and so is the club he used to slay his first rat. He's been through hell and beyond, explored every single corner of the world and seen and experienced both wonderful and horrible things.
His eyes are now focused on the door, he stares blankly on the sign saying that only players of level 999 or above may enter.

This has been his life-long goal ever since he first came across this door during a quest for the apes.

His hand trembles has he slowly approaches the doorknob. He slowly turns the knob, the door opens and he approaches the blue light, cheered by his friends from the other side of the door.

He speaks up: "That's one small step for a Tibian, a giant leap for Tibians.

He jumps in and is greeted by complete darkness. The ground starts shaking and a light appears in the distance, coming closer and closer. He has troubles seeing a distinct figure, but he's sure what's coming towards him is huge. And he gets a feeling of satisfaction. The being suddenly stop, and our hero hears a melody.. We are no strangers... Never gonna...

Our hero steps closer so that he can get a full understanding of what he is hearing.


We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

The being in front of our hero is Rick Astley!

Oh no! Our hero was Rick-Rolled!

He quickly jumps back the same way he came, his friends are curious of what he has seen but our hero swore to himself never to reveal the true secret of the level 999 portal.


Canditate Number 6

Manuel Lonewolf's idea:

Only the worthier may leave.

After years of hard work and sacrifice. After living among your friends and enemies. After all the smiles and the pain.
Finally, just now, you've reached the level required to be classified as worthy and you can reach the teleporter. But what's in the other side?

You are in a small room, alone. A second teleporter lays in front of you... waiting. The white message Only the worthy may pass appears in your screen and your quest log updates. Your ultimate challenge is the name of this new endeavour.

Only the worthier may leave. - message follows. Prepare to face your only true enemy.

But before you enter the teleporter, you notice three monkey statues. No hearing, no seeing, no speaking. Each of them is secretly an NPC but they don't say anything unless you say I'm worthy.
They are a banker, a magic shopkeeper and a weapon shopkeeper ready to sell you anything you need to hunt your next prey.

After entering the second teleporter you are in a dark, dark place, illuminated by lava lights.

The game generates a duplicate of your character. Same vocation, same outfit and mount, same skills, same set, same amount of potions, weapons and ammunition if any... everything but with charcoal black skin and aqua eyes... and he charges against you.

Remember, this version of you is a creature and not a character, so he does full damages as you do to him. This creature has an insane AI.

The clash of this epic battle can be felt all over the Tibia world. During this fight, creatures in all the server behave a little cowardly and deal less damage. White messages about the battle spams the players screens.

If you are worthy and defeat this menace, CipSoft will make a 3x3 statue of you in a new Tower of the Mighties somewhere near Thais so all the free and premium players can watch you in your glory wearing your favourite outfit and mount. Also, NPCs sells figurines of you.

Now everyone tell legends about you and how we must fight and defeat ourselves.

Achievement 4th grade, 10 points. Conquered all, even myself.

But if you fail, you are sent to a purgatory where the only way out is by solving a really insane and frustrating puzzle... Otherwise, you'll be trapped forever. With no food and nothing to kill. And a one square fire pit if you want to punish you with the burns.

Now everyone tell legends about you and how we must fight ourselves and overcome the consequences.

Canditate Number 7

Din'gix's idea:

Time Awaits!

The day has come. After a long journey through Tibia Lands, several friendships acquired, infinite adventures, he finally got it. As he looks at the door, he can hear his closest friends getting ready for whatever shall be the outcome on the world. He never felt so strong, he never felt so powerful as when he is with his friends, but yet, only him was proven worthy enough to pass, so he never felt so alone from what was about to come. As he opens the door, hell breaks through. He can hear his friends screaming for mercy and he tries to go back but they stop him and say “Keep going, keep our dream alive. Show time guys. Exevo vis...

The door is closed; there is no turning back now. He jumps in, there’s a strong light; he feels like falling across the sky, but he is too powerful to get hurt. As the light fades away he can see glances of history, windows of time. The war of the Nightmare Knights, the birth and fall of Roshamuul, the scared creature being empowered to be used as a weapon. The absolute truth was all over him, there were no more secrets.

Someone is there; someone has always been there, waiting. His name is Natephs Idull, he is the almighty guardian of time, the only one who doesn’t kneel before Gods, and he has a request.

According to him, time is fading away and Tibia will not survive, so he has been seeking for someone who mastered the world challenges to restore the fabric of time. The Guardian explains that just for being there, the adventurer has fulfilled a strong useful connection between the Time Realm and Tibia Lands. Therefore, now there are new sequences of events that should be done before Tibians start to feel the bad consequences.

Natephs says that his plan to save this timeline is by recovering Time Pieces, strong objects that have been shattered all over Tibia by evil forces called Dark Elves. These Time Pieces have been resonating through years, causing disturbances.

The first piece is where everything started. Natephs Idull asks the player to go back to Rookgaard and retrieve the Sword of Fury, which actually is a Time Piece. The other pieces are disguised as Soul Ruby, Basilisc, The Excalibug and some others that luckily have never been discovered by any man, or at least were locked up so deeply that it is believed to be impossible to reach.

"There will be several consequences for each task. I cannot guarantee your safety. So for now, I wish you good luck and a nice time in Tibia."

As one of the few able to make the trip to the Time Realm, once made only by Gods, Natephs rewards the player with a Citizen of Time outfit (Old Citizen Sprite), Loyalty +10%, the Achievement Time Plumber, and a Pick of Time, a different pick to help in the quests.

Canditate Number 8

Nour Spirit's idea:

The cursed mirror

After getting in the portal, the player will be teleported to an apparently normal room. The architecture is the exact same as other Banuta's rooms, but there's something peculiar in this one, a single chest in the middle...
The player opens the chest - suddenly the room gets colder - and checks inside: there's an extremely light hand mirror, no bigger than an open hand and its upside down. On the back of the mirror there's an advice write with some red tincture... maybe blood... THE SCROLL FIRST. Then the player notices there's an old scroll inside the chest, and he opens it - the room gets even colder:

So... someone really worthy found this chest... maybe... a hope...

First, for now, it doesn't matter who I am... The restriction on the door was to avoid more meaningless pain from this haunt, but, sometimes just one pain heals another. Now you're here and Tibia needs you. I think you already noticed a mirror, that's the Mirror of the Truth. This mirror let's you see what anyone really is, even if he hides behind thousand faces... When you look at the mirror it shows all the pain that you already caused, all your fails, all you faults and everything you could have done to make the world better, but you did not do. Defeat your own demons and accept that, even when you try your best, sometimes it isn't enough. Many adventurers, many years ago, lost their mind in madness. You will maybe even die trying to accept it, that's why it was sealed.

Now it's up to you warrior, accept the truth, accept who you really are and receive the gift of seeing behind others soul, find a demon known Zoralurk and be its slayer.

Know the truth and the truth shall set Tibia free.


The mission

After the player uses the mirror, the quest log will update and he will receive the achievement The chosen one. Now he has to say TRUTH to Tibia's NPCs until finding Zoralurk. After finding it, the player will be teleported to a special place, like hell, with plenty of different demons around, but he can only attack and be attacked by Zoralurk. Now he have to slay the demon. As reward he will receive the achievement Zoralurk Slayer, a necklace that can be only used by level 999 players (Zoralurk's loot) and, of course, keep the mirror and the scroll.
A world change could begin after the demon's defeat because a mystery remains... The scroll writer but that's an another time's history!

Canditate Number 9

Elvane's idea:

The maze inside your head

In the world of Tibia a mystery lies,
deep in Banuta you can find, and see with your very eyes,
a room with a big expertise door,
and inside, a teleport on the floor.

To enter this place you will need,
to be level 999, then you will fit,
but a condition is written, and that was:
"Only the worthy may pass".

If you dare to enter this place,
you'll be sent into a maze,
Morgaroth is behind you, so better run fast,
but with fire field on your feet, how long will you last?

Use your strong health or mana potions,
'cause the unending maze will leave you unconscious,
but don't worry, a teleport will appear soon,
when you hear a laugh, you'll be away from doom.

The teleport will send you into a dream,
soon, you'll see, it is a replica of Carlin,
so make your way through the city; find someone to ask,
'cause search for a person is your only task.

As long as you walk, you will lose power,
so go see Queen Eloise, up ahead in her tower,
you'll find her standing still, looking to nowhere,
to be safe, use your Opticording Sphere.

A demon will appear, and the queen will disappear,
he wants an answer, but your job is to hear,
he recites the Genesis, while your life is draining,
don't heal and wait him to finish, you'll end with 1 point remaining.

"Are you the worthy one?" he asks at the end,
better answer "no", he knows what you pretend,
if you say "yes", what a pain in the head!
He'll send you with 10 demons, then you'll be dead...

If you answer correctly, you'll be healed completely,
but the demon asks the same thing repeatly,
then you hear someone, begging for a Holy Tible,
get rid of it, don't worry, it's not readable.

You'll be transported to another city,
and you have to do the same thing repeatly,
find the "bosses" or the ones in the "crown",
and give them "special gifts", they will be proud.

When the task is finished, you can rest,
'cause you'll end in a room, and in the middle: a chest,
inside the box, a piece of paper,
you start to read: "Congratulations brave adventurer...

You have found, you're not the worthy one,
but don't get mad, you are different from everyone,
you may think this was the end,
but you've only completed the game at "?" percent"

Scratching your head, you start to get mad,
asking out loud: "Is that all they had?"
then you'll appear on a vision, from yourself,
remember all the adventures from your past self.

Starting to cry, walking through your vision,
you, haven't completed your mission,
there's still job to do,
things, that can only be finished, by you...

Canditate Number 10

Knight Mercury's idea:

Upon entering the level 999 gate of expertise you are met with a sign that warns of the dangers of the teleport. Only a hero of Tibia should enter. When you finally summon up the courage and decide to meet your fate, you step into the teleporter and you're brought to a new land. Dense fog covers the land, a storm is on the horizon. It's muggy, very muggy.
You know your hair is about to be a frizzy mess, but you can't be concerned with that now... So you throw on your Nobleman's hat and press forward. You take no more than 5 steps and a ghost appears.

"I'm a soul of purgatory and I want a body to live in. Your's looks nice, aside from that frizzy hair... I think I'll take it. I'll let you know, there is only one way out of here, and that's through me. I mean you, well I'm you, but not."

You're paralyzed, not just because of the hair comment, but you physically can't move as the ghost takes over your body, you are now the soul of purgatory.

"If you want your body back, you'll have to earn it. I've summoned a few of my pets to challenge you. Make it through them first to prove your worth and then you can try to take this frizz mess back... failure will result in me walking out that door you came through, and you'll be here until another poor soul comes for you to challenge."

Just the thought of eternally muggy weather is enough to get your adrenaline going. You destroy all of his "pets" easily, but planning ahead you left one alive while he wasn't looking... the succubus. You lure it around quietly until you catch the body thief off guard. You ask him what the challenge spell was again as if you forgot.

Ghost: "Exeta res"

The succubus instantly changes targets and laches on to the soul and swallows him up. You then quickly dive back into your body before it hits the ground and slay the succubus with a single blow. You survived. A teleporter appears which leads to a reward room. Out of all the amazing weapons you could have chosen, you pick the sombrero that was sitting in the corner and head home satisfied.

Thank you, Tibians!

Congratulations to the ten chosen candidates! And thank you to all participants, thank you for the amazing stories and ideas we got to read!

The voting for the Top Three has ended, and the winners are:
  • Din'gix, with his story "Time Awaits"
  • Bex, with his story "999"
  • Taghor, with his story "It was all a dream"
Your Community Managers!