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Jul 03 2017 -

Dreams Come True in Feyrist

ho would have thought that such a beautiful and peaceful peninsula could even exist?

Hidden behind a magical barrier, shielding it from exposure to external influences, the peninsula had been a well-kept secret since the dawn of time. Unknown to Tibians for so many years, a little paradise evolved and its inhabitants were literally living the dream.

Maybe it would have remained pure and undiscovered for many more centuries but unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures.

In the south east, the peninsula named Feyrist connects to the mountain range of Roshamuul. Until this very day, no Tibian had ever laid eyes on the astonishing beauty which lies behind those grey, foreboding cliffs.
Once you have reached the summit of the mountains, you have a fantastic view over the rich green pastures.

The glorious panorama will make you forget the trials and tribulations of the ascent and lets you escape the dreary, sombre environment of Roshamuul. Take your time and gaze over the beautiful landscape, the sheer, never-ending, flower-speckled meadows and the ancient trees, watching like guardians over them.

If you are able to wrench your gaze away from the entrancing view, climb down the mountain and you will soon smell the scent of the wild flowers and blossoms, filling your nostrils with their heady perfume. It is time to close your eyes, to take a deep breath and to simply enjoy the peaceful setting.

Harmless animals like squirrels or rabbits usually accompany you on your way through the blooming sea of flowers and maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky, a butterfly will settle on your shoulder to enjoy the warm, bright sunlight as much as you do.

Watch graceful swans swimming on the crystal lakes and have a short rest at the sandy beaches before you reach the edge of the big forest which you can find in the middle of Feyrist.

If you take a closer look at your surroundings, you can see that some of the plants growing around you are quite different to what you are used to. The foliage of some of the trees, for example, is a vivid blue; other trees look like they have knotty and gnarled faces carved into their bark and if you are especially observant, you will even spot small doors built in the trees.

It should come as no surprise that such an enchanted and enchanting place like Feyrist is not inhabited by rabbits and squirrels alone. Mystical creatures hide in the depth of the great forest; pixies, fauns, pookas, fairies and boogies, they all live in Feyrist. Even though they vary greatly in size and appearance, they all belong to one big family called Fae.

Legend has it that the whole peninsula, along with all its inhabitants, fell out of the world of dreams and reluctantly became part of Tibian reality. The Fae are, in general, shy creatures who live reclusively and peacefully in their secret realm. 

They live in close communion with nature and use their skills to shape wood and stone. They love their simple life and are not really interested in complex architecture and infrastructure.

As a result of their affinity with nature, the Fae have developed the skills to bend wood and stone to their will, creating intricate sculptures and carvings which are unmatched in their beauty anywhere in Tibia. Their craftsmanship can be admired all over Feyrist.

The Fae work with their surroundings and carve entire homes out of stones, rocks, trees and even mushrooms. They carve faces and figurines into stone and living wood in a way that harmonizes with the beautiful flora and fauna of their island. Therefore, you are not going to find fully developed cities like Thais or Venore on the peninsula. Ancient trees, often connected via wooden suspension bridges, provide homes for the denizens instead. Unremarkable from the outside, inside the dwellings are decorated appealingly with flowers, crystals and tendrils, demonstrating the skills of their owners. 

In their forest, underneath the shady limbs and branches, you can find rare magical plants. Ponds and wells around the forest are said to be enchanted as well. Unsurprisingly, Fae are also able to perform magic and wield the power of the elements.

According to what is known, Fae were born of dreams. They are aware of the existence of humans, elves and dwarfs and have a vague idea of their cities and way of life which has led some to the conclusion that most Fae were shaped by their dreams. Since they also have some knowledge about orcs, trolls and minotaurs, it is thought that a few Fae may have originated from the dreams of those creatures.

Due to that knowledge, Fae chose to live in absolute seclusion. They believe that direct contact with the outside world would deliver death and destruction to both them and their beautiful peninsula.

Fae are quite playful and spirited. They enjoy all the bounty their island has to offer. Eating sweetmeat and delicious fruit is part of their everyday routine as well as taking a sip or two from their tasty homegrown wine. Whether they need to eat at all is debatable, but they induldge in eating for the sheer pleasure of it. They make the most of their life in paradise.

Over time, the Fae of Feyrist have organised themselves into a system of different courts. Usually the most powerful female Fae takes the lead in one of those courts. In many cases, a female Fae refers to herself as queen upon assuming leadership.

The queen is protected by a group of hand-picked knights, male and female, who act as her personal guards and as the defenders of the court itself.

There is only little knowledge about how Faes resolve their differences. While disagreements between individual members of the court crop up from time to time, overt struggles are few and far between. The same is true for disputes between different courts. It can be assumed that Fae prefer to solve their disagreements behind closed doors rather than in public discourse.

Their magical abilities allowed them to create the barrier which has protected their land from prying eyes and malicious intruders since time immemorial. It hid their realm behind a blanket of forgetfulness. The barrier was strong enough to prevent most of the creatures from entering. Those who made it through were sent back through dream portals the second they set foot on the island thinking it was only a dream.

Unfortunately, their withdrawn life in paradise is in danger. External evil forces are threatening the very existence of Feyrist and its inhabitants.
Recently, the magic barrier began to corrode and is now slowly caving in under the destructive, dark power penetrating its outer shell.

The shield is now no longer able to prevent the sinister creatures from Roshamuul which are now, monster by monster, trying to force their way through its cracks. 
Only weaker monsters are able to traverse the barrier at the moment but it is only a matter of time until the gaps become wider.

As if those monsters weren't enough, there are indications that members of the Fae have also given in to dark powers and wicked promises. While they were originally as well meaning and peaceful, malicious thoughts and intentions have now infiltrated their minds. They have developed sadistic characteristics and aggressive behaviour even towards their own kin. A threatening, sinister, almost demonic aura radiating from their body now marks them out as corrupted.

You'd better be careful if you are unlucky enough to encounter one of them. Driven by uncontrollable anger and rage, they will attack you on sight regardless of your intentions.

Unable to fight back against the combined forces of evil, the Fae had to rethink their strategy. Hoping that humans will support them on the battlefield they are now willing to grant some of them access to their secret realm. They are still very cautious about who is worthy to enter the mysterious peninsula.

Will you be able to meet their challenges and gain their trust to fight side by side with them on the blooming yet bloody battlefield?