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Feb 02 2007 -
Facts About Tibia and a Short Outlook on Its Future
he celebration parties for Tibia's 10th anniversary have just ended. We want to use this moment to review the achievements that have been gained. Moreover, we would like to share some of the plans for Tibia's future with you.

Today, adventurers can explore a huge region consisting of 2 continents, several islands and even an underwater area. So far 10 cities have been founded in Tibia. King Tibianus himself resides in a beautiful castle in Thais, grumpy dwarfs inhabit Kazordoon, a city hidden deep in a mountain and fleet-footed elves dwell in the tree houses of Ab'dendriel, to name just a few of Tibia's unique cities.

There is more to Tibia than just an exciting world. At the moment more than 150 different creatures exist in Tibia. Not too long ago the first automated events have been introduced. Today Tibia players can experience no less than 60 raids in the game. Many of you have joined the 2 exciting anniversary raids in which you could overcome primitives or defeat Fluffy and his friends Minishabaal and Bones.

Also Tibia's guild system finds much favour with the Tibian community. Right now players unite in more than 2450 guilds. Every guild has the possibility to choose from 56 guild halls on every game server. Premium players can rent one of 873 houses and flats per game server and decorate them with more than 800 unique items, reaching from great weapons and armors to a fluffy panda teddy.
Players who are new to the game, can ask more than 1,000 tutors, approximately 400 of them senior tutors, for advice in the help channel. The unique reporting system allows them to inform customer support about illegal names, statements and posts.

Let's have a look at some more impressive statistics. Just recently we have had a new online record. On January 27th, 57,070 players from all over the world played Tibia together. More than 90,000 players enjoy the great advantages of a Premium Account. All in all, more than 250,000 people like to explore Tibia, to chat with friends or to hunt creepy monsters regularly.

What is more, to celebrate Tibia's 10th anniversary we have redesigned our website. Not only appears the website in a new look, it also has an improved structure to allow you a more comfortable and faster navigation. Surely you have recognised that we are now able to inform you more quickly and in more detail via the newly introduced newsticker. The monthly featured article will allow you a deeper insight into several topics concerning Tibia.

However, these were only the first steps of the redesign of the Tibia website. Some of you might have realised that our voting section is still missing. Moreover, we want to introduce a feedback section soon in which you can state your opinion to several topics in more detail. Also the revision of some of the texts is planned for the next months. Currently, we are filling up our news archive with the old news. Furthermore, an update history is planned to appear in the news section.

Apart from website changes, we have many more things planned for Tibia this year. It is very likely that we will change our payment provider soon. This will not only give you more options on Premium Accounts, but will hopefully also ease the payment process. Of course, we will also have 2 great game updates this year. Look forward to a chilly map update which will bring you a new area with an all new city. Additionally, vocation balancing is a hot topic for this summer. Last but not least, new gamemasters will be appointed soon to support our current staff of blue capes.

Tibia has developed to a successful online game in the last 10 years. Needless to say that we will continue to improve the game to make it as enjoyable and exciting as possible for all of our players.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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