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Mar 01 2007 -
Getting Help in Tibia by Tutors
o you still remember your first days in Tibia? Did you feel lost or did you have friends to show you around?

Especially new players often need help in the game. What to do now? Use the client help or the hints that flash red in the upper right corner of your adventure screen? Sure, but not all questions are answered there. Read the Tibia manual? Let's face it, the manual is pretty long and who wants to read if you could wield your sword instead to fight ugly trolls and sneaky rats.
Of course, the FAQ and the quickstart can be a great help for your first steps in Tibia. However, it is much easier to ask experienced players around you. After all, Tibia is an MMORPG so players should interact with each other. Now whom to ask? There are actually players that enjoy helping others - so-called tutors. As soon as you are level 2, press Ctrl+T and the help channel will open up. If you have questions about the game, you can ask tutors for advice here.

Already since December 2003, tutors help the community in various ways. They can report bugs from the game as well as illegal names directly to customer support. Tutors answer diverse questions on the support boards. Moreover, they are great helpers when it comes to test new features thoroughly on the test server. Their main task, however, is answering questions in the help channel about the game, the Tibia Rules, account security and many more topics. You can easily recognise them by their orange font in this channel.

But who can actually become a tutor? To start your tutor career, you need to have at least one character with level 20 on an account that exists for at least 3 months. Also your account must be registered and you must have had a Premium Account once on your account.
Tutors should have a good knowledge about the game, account management, account security and the Tibia Rules. Of course, tutors also need to be able to communicate in English to be able to answer the questions of other players. To check if a tutor meets these demands, every player that aims to be a tutor has to take a test. 20 questions about Tibia have to be answered in 45 minutes. To pass the test you must not make a single mistake.

Tutors who have been actively helping the Tibian community for 3 months are granted the title of a senior tutor, a position introduced in August 2005. However, the reward is not only a new title. Senior tutors have much more possibilities to effectively help the community. Have you ever stumbled about a post that needed to be removed from the boards? Go to the help channel! Senior tutors can report illegal posts to customer support and let dangerous threads become invisible. Have you ever been angry about a hacker that is posting unsafe links in the trade channel? Ask a senior tutor! They can report illegal statements from all 5 public channels (trade channel, help channel, game-chat, rl-chat and trade-Rookgaard) to customer support. Here the reports will be individually checked and the reported players punished depending on their rule violations. Of course, nobody will be punished if a report was not justified.

The report function ensures that no tutor or senior tutor abuses the position. Every single report is viewed by customer support and checked if it was justified. If a tutor submits too many false reports, he or she will be dismissed. The same goes for tutors who are not active. We regularly check if tutors keep themselves up-to-date and if they are helping the community.

At the moment we have approximately 1200 tutors, about 430 of them are senior tutors. Approximately 10.5 players pass the tutor test everyday. About the same amount (approximately 10 players), however, is losing the position again or resigns. The oldest tutor holds the position already since December 2003, the newest one has most likely joined just a few minutes ago when you are reading this.

With this article, we do not only want to show players one way to get help in Tibia. We would also like to use this opportunity to thank every single of our great tutors for their dedicated and diligent work. Thank you for answering patiently the questions of this newbie in the help channel, thank you for reporting hacklink spreaders and warning the other players, thank you for the great translations you are providing for illegal names and statements and thank you all the most for being there all the time for the Tibian community! Tibia would not be the same without you.

Have a look at the tutor guide to find out even more interesting facts about the duties and the work of a tutor. And if you think that you would be a great tutor yourself, apply!

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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