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Mar 24 2021 -

Fansite Appreciation Day

n March 24, 2005 we can find the first public traces of the Tibian Fansite Programme. In a very short news back then it was mentioned that a fansite section was added to the website, listing supported fansites.

Fansites, however, have always accompanied Tibia. The first permanent public Tibia server was set up in January 1997. Just shortly after that, we can find traces in our archives of a fansite called Yorin's Tibia Homepage. So Tibia and fansites go hand in hand and have always done so. Fansites offer lots of information and entertainment for players. You can find dozens of quest guides in multiple languages, info on items, statistics, articles, streams, videos, pictures, screenshots, stories, discussions, questions, answers - and even apps for smartphones or a bot for discord. The list does not end.
We greatly appreciate what our supported and promoted fansites accomplish, however, what seems to come up short, sometimes, is an appreciation of the entire fansite teams. We have one contact person for each fansite, only. That contact person is listed in the fansite section on the official Tibia website. A fansite is most often handled by a couple of more people, however. So the admins have come up with an idea. They wanted to show appreciation to their staff members, too. That was the birth of the Fansite Appreciation Day. The date for it is the date that we can find in our news archive, the first time that the fansite programme was publicly mentioned.
Without their teams, there would be way less action on fansites or their social media. So, we would like to say thank you to everybody who is part of a fansite team, who supports fansites, posts, translates, answers, draws, paints, films, helps in events and contests, provides screenshots, programmes, writes guides or articles, collects and shares information, streams or produces videos, etc. Thank you very much! You are not only appreciated by us here at CipSoft, but by the community, too. As a very recent poll shows, for example, many people head over to fansites for help when they want to solve quests.

With that said, we want to hand over the microphone to the fansite admins themselves. Several of them wanted to use this opportunity to introduce their fansites a bit, and they want to invite you to participate in a combined contest that is all about fansites, too. Maybe one day you would like to join a fansite team as well...


In order to celebrate the Fansite Appreciation Day, the promoted and supported fansites have decided to host a contest together for the whole Tibian community! As a part of this contest, your task is to craft a fansite item in real life. Here are the details.

How to participate

  1. Craft a fansite item of any active, promoted or supported fansite in real life from any materials you wish. You can see a list of all possible fansite items here.
  2. Take a picture of what you have crafted, including a label containing your character name and the current date.
  3. You can submit this picture until April 18, 2021, 23:59 CEST on one of the following fansites:

Choosing winners

All of the entries will be forwarded to the internal fansite board for voting. Fansite admins and Community Managers will pick and vote on their favorite entries from all the submitted pictures until April 25, 2021. The winning entries will be announced on the week of April 26.


First Place: golden warrior trophy nightmare doll
Second Place: silver warrior trophy blue sphere
Third Place: bronze warrior trophy blue sphere
Fourth Place: badge of glory 20 x silver raid token
Fifth Place hero's medal 20 x silver raid token


  • Participants may post as many submissions as they want. However, they are only eligible for one prize.
  • Attempts to plagiarize or reuse crafts from previous contests will result in disqualification of the participant.


+++Fansite Introductions+++

As mentioned, a couple of fansite admins would like to use this opportunity to tell you a bit about their fansites and their fansite team. Maybe one day you would like to join a fansite team, too. focuses on building a knowledge base. It contains a board for players to ask and answer Tibia-related questions. By voting on the content, the community indicates which posts are interesting and useful.

The community plays a vital role on TibiaQA. They provide most of the content available on the site and even help to moderate it. Users who constantly provide high-quality content earn reputation points, which unlock more moderation privileges on the site. In order to keep everything running smoothly Ellotris Guardian and two wonderful community moderators Camarluk and Violetissime frequently assist the community with those tasks. They review and improve the clarity of posted questions and answers, remove inappropriate content, react on posts flagged by other members of the community, and much more! Together with other members of the TibiaQA community, they are making it a great place!

TibiaQA is often looking for new team members. You can check the details concerning the search for a community manager there. focuses on player's motivation. Players contribute to the page by writing their Tibian stories on achieving their goals. The page posts monthly interviews with the community. also offers a section dedicated especially to women, as well as a section dedicated to each aspect of the game.

In TibiaGoals, each of the main sections has a person that is in charge of it. Lady Mass focuses on the interviews and creating the riddles and the other admin, Divine'Angel is in charge of the the page's design and the house decoration section. There are also two dedicated content creators. An achievement huntress Bijou Kidi does not only write articles about achievements but also evaluates the players’ answers to the riddles. Michi the Queen on the other hand is responsible for the section devoted to PvP. There is also a lot of teamwork concerning the remaining sections! The page also offers translations to Spanish and Portuguese thanks to the two committed translators, Mayra and Gidarette.'s main goal is to be the encyclopedia of Tibia. We offer a lot of information about quests, monsters, items and other various aspects of Tibia. Besides that you can get the latest news what is going on in Tibia, as well as in our community. Our forum is a place to exchange opinions, ask for a help or show off your newly decorated house and any skill advance. The site contains a lot of useful tools that help in your daily hunting activities. We are also offering contests and forum games while your stamina is regenerating. is targeting the Polish community but English speaking players will also find something for themselves!

From this place we would like to thank all the present and past editors, moderators and redactors that built and are still working hard on the high quality of! TibiaDraptor is a fansite that offers tools for tracking a player’s progress during their journey in Tibia. It tracks the progress from achievements, bestiary and quests, it also provides a way to show and share that progress with other players.

TibiaDraptor is updated by Storned and Charlotte Lisner, they develop the tools offered in the site and update them whenever there is new data to be shown. The community also help us a lot by reporting bugs and incorrect data they find.

Even though we are a small team, we try to give our best for the site! is the newest addition to the Fansite Programme. There you will find long and short articles about Tibian secrets and mysteries, regularly published. It also offers two useful tools, with more to come in the future and a forum.

TibiaSecrets was created with the aim to entertain the community by providing interesting, pleasant to read publications on topics that many players find fascinating.
Users are able to comment on everything that is published. Moreover, an active forum for both English and Polish players welcomes everyone who wants to share discoveries, contribute to the research or just discuss things with other mystery-enthusiasts. The team consists of 3 people. Bosst and Mogh are the co-founders and admins of the site, while Haishen is the research specialist and forum moderator. All team members treat each other equally, as they have been friends for years. They share similar responsibilities, though Bosst specializes in writing and translating, Mogh in all tech-related duties and programming and Haishen focuses on in-depth research.

All of them feel very honoured and happy to serve the Tibian community as good as possible.
Tibia Live Tibia Live is the Android app for Tibia. It lets you track characters with login, level up and other notifications, check on guilds, houses, worlds, highscores, and more. It includes tools and calculators, with new features being actively added in frequent updates.

Tibia Live was created to be your connection to Tibia on the go, and keep you in the loop on both news and your friends' in-game progress. The entirety of development work is done by Nohus, but a small circle of testers helps by providing feedback on unreleased features and translations. Ultimately the app aims to be as useful to the community as possible, so suggestions and comments are very welcome, just send an email or comment on this article! The English TibiaWiki is a wiki project which started in 2004 and is the longest-time member of Tibia's fansite programme. It is a large source of Tibian information on the Internet, with more than 18,000 articles about quests, creatures, items, game mechanics, client features and many other categories. TibiaWiki also has a set of powerful tools, such as a Mapper, a comprehensive Outfiter, a Bestiary Simulator, creatures and bosses loot statistics and several Calculators such as the exercise weapons training and armor calculators.

The most important characteristic of TibiaWiki is that it's an open-collaborative encyclopedia, which means that everyone can contribute by adding, updating or correcting information. Over its history, more than 6,000 different players have contributed to TibiaWiki, and currently there are around 50 active users contributing regularly. Furthermore, TibiaWiki has 8 active administrators which are in charge of moderating the content as well as taking care of restricted pages. Each TibiaWiki administrator has his or her own area of expertise, for example in-depth Tibia content, obtaining useful information from the Tibia client or programming the public and private tools used on the website.

Our goal is to constantly increase our compendium of information with correct and verifiable information about Tibia, which is why everyone is always welcome to create an account and start editing. From typo corrections to quest spoilers, every help is appreciated! is a fansite mainly focused on events/contests.

Apart from many things Tibians can do on our webste, the Tibia community can also submit their own events/contests here:

Every contest created by our team also includes an article based on the contest, created by our article writer, which can then be found on our main page and in the contest thread. Our team exists of 10 members who all have their own specialties. Thank you Ely Blademaster, Beatrix Kiddo, Walder Martz, Mouton Thug Stronda, Leproso Marginado, and the other team members for being part of the team!
If you are interested in taking part in our team do not hesitate to apply on our website here:

And if that's not enough we have an intro movie of our website created by a player from the Tibia community.

See you there! :-)
Your TibiaEvents Team. is a fansite dedicated to rare bosses with random spawn and rare items. Here you will find tools like: boss predictions, their statistics history, Bossopedia (bosses related encyclopedia), rares pricecheck and deathtracker.

The aim of TibiaBosses was to bring together all players interested in meeting rare and unusual monsters and collecting unique items on their own. The community share their adventures with bosses on a chat, forum or by taking part in the yearly contest called The Great Boss Hunt, while the staff provides all necessary information to become a true boss-hunter and/or rare collector. Mad Def - founder and originator of TibiaBosses is taking care of predictions, manages the fansite and social media and deals with technical matters. Mogh is a great programmer for special tasks, he also takes care of Deathtracker, which gives you the ability to track all deaths from your server live! Bosst, who is a boss hunter with many years of experience and a lot of successes on his account writes interesting articles, guides, translates content into English and takes care of the famous Rares Pricecheck! Every month he collects information about the prices of rare items from Antica’s market and prepares statistics. To make our Portuguese community feel comfortable Xizyy translates fansite content into Portuguese language. Last, but not least Makadamia ensures that the site looks visually good, using her legendary art skills. She also prepares a screenshot-related contest every year to give the community some entertainment and the ability to win some unique items.

See you on TibiaBosses!
NabBot NabBot started in March 2016, as a Discord bot for our guild's server Redd Alliance. It was developed by Galarzaa Fidera and Nezune. It started as a simple way for us to look up characters and guilds right from Discord. Nezune developed the first version of level up and deaths announcements, with NabBot's well known random, often sarcastic messages. We kept adding all the features that our guild members needed. NabBot became an important part of our guild management and since at the time it was open source, more people started running their own versions of NabBot.

In July 2018, NabBot was opened to the public, meaning you could just add the original NabBot without needing to run it in your computer. In less than 10 days it reached 100 Discord servers. Today, we are close to reaching 10,000 servers, and every month it has over 10,000 users calling 100,000 commands.

Tschas has been assisting with development and testing since 2017. Unfortunately Nezune was forcefully retired from the game in 2019. Callie Aena joined the team to help with graphic design and Sayuri Nowan has been there to assist and advice in anything related to the game.

The Tibian community has been what drives NabBot's development, as we try to build the tools that people need in order to complement their game experience. Join our Discord server to let us know what you would like NabBot to have. Special thanks go to the members of the former guild Redd Alliance, who were the early inspiration and motivation (not to mention test subjects) for NabBot. TibiaHome started as an Instagram project created by the player and decorator Suzy Kill, who has loved decorating houses in Tibia since 2005. Finally, in 2019, TibiaHome was launched after a lot of planning and with the help of Aline and Pacssivia, who are responsible for managing it.
TibiaHome is focused on decoration, and thanks to our group of dedicated and creative content creators, the players can find articles about tricks, advice and tips related to the topic. Thanks to our amazing translators, our content is available in Portuguese, English, Polish and Spanish!
Besides the website, we also keep reposting people's screenshots on Instagram as inspiration for other players. Our admin Paollah manages this.
It is the goal of TibiaHome to connect all decorators and to help everyone to be able to decorate their houses in style. We are so glad that the Tibia community has been collaborating with us on content, such as sending photos and giving ideas for articles. TibiaLife was originally created by Lizy and Carol Witt with the intent of being kind of like a blog of what they did in game. It has since evolved into one of the best fansites for update quest spoilers, thanks to all of our team, and news in Portuguese, thanks to our translators. Our content creators also regularly publish original content related to the game. And we have a big presence on social media too, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, managed by our social media team.

TibiaLife's goal is to help the community in any way we can. One of our best content is called Descomplica, which usually explains how to do bestiaries, achievements, imbuements, etc.

We believe we've built a good reputation within the community and none of it would have been possible without our extensive team of helpers who have been with us for a long time and even those who only stayed for a while.

Please join the conversation in the auditorium with the fansite admins. A thread is waiting for you there. Simply click on Comment on this article below.