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Nov 03 2000 -
Tibia Version Beta 6.0 Is Here!
fter the introduction of the newbie isle and numerous changes in the game rules during the last months, we are proud to present the next great update. This time, we did not only improve the game itself, but also moved our server to a new place and created a new look for our website (as you can see :-).

As our studies and with that our performance at the University of Passau is coming to an end, we had to look for a new home for our server. In we have found a strong partner who provides us with a powerful computer with fast access to the internet. In return we will put banner adverts on our website. This allows us to keep the game free of charge and adverts.

The new Tibia website has more content and a better structure. Here you will find the latest information about the game and the official forum of the Tibian community. Everyone who has a character in Tibia can post in our forum. Simply use your name and password from Tibia. In order to further improve the website, we want to ask everyone to submit tutorials, stories, hints, and pictures. We are looking forward to all contributions.

Although there are only a few technical innovations in the game, the update will drastically change the appearance of Tibia. Due to huge efforts and great support by many artists, we could finally replace many old graphics that are giving Tibia another piece of individuality. We hope that you will quickly grow fond of the new style.

At this point, we want to express our thanks to the artists that made this step possible. To Mantus for the many beautiful weapons and items of daily use as well as numerous spectacular monsters. To King Crimson for the realistic trees, bushes and stones. To Elleshar and Ralgar, who have untiringly worked out the list of missing objects. To Aureus for all objects of his upcoming area. Also to Knightmare, Conaria, Wastl, Lomaxx, Apoc, and many more. Thanks to all of you!

Besides that, there are some small changes with the client program: Another mechanism shall prevent multiple clients at one host. The names of ignored users may now also include the wildcards '*' (stands for arbitrarily many characters) and '?' (stands for exactly one character). For security reasons, the password will no longer be saved in the preferences; it will be displayed for the last time when you start the new client. The last improvement concerns the communication with the server: A new technique shall reduce the so called screen-bugs.

Have a lot of fun in Tibia!
Your CIP Team

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