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Jun 10 2009 -
The Bond of Life
p to now, marriage in Tibia was pretty chaotic. You could ask Lynda in the church of Thais for a wedding ceremony at any time. She did not care if you were married already. She had so many ceremony requests, that she simply could not manage keeping track of who was married to whom. Also with all this hectic, nobody put much effort in dressing up nicely and even rings were neglected. The citizens of Tibia criticised this a lot, longing for nice ceremonies that would emphasise the significance that such a bond of life has.

So Lynda closed down her church for a while and convened a committee to develop a concept on how to prevent multiple marriages, and also to determine people who would assist her in the marrying business.
She found two further qualified helpers, who have proven that they know everything there is to know about marriage ceremonies: Llathriel in Ab'Dendriel and, hard to believe but true, the dwarf Ferus in Kazordoon.

If your sweetheart now pops the question, you two have to decide where you would like to get married. You can choose to get married by the experienced Lynda in the church of Thais, by the romantic elf in Ab'Dendriel on a beautiful flower meadow, or you can choose a dwarfish marriage ceremony in Kazordoon, which is something that not many people have seen so far. It is a dwarfish tradition to have plenty of beer at a party, so surely your guests will expect you to sponsor enough beer for everybody to have a good time.

For the wedding ceremony, you will not only need two rings, but also fabulous wedding outfits for the both of you. What better place would there be to get such special clothing than Venore? Norbert, who specialised in creating cloth armor and beautiful dresses has a secret hobby that Lynda, Llathriel and Ferus decided to support. With his delicate tailor skill he creates the most gorgeous wedding dresses and wedding suits. He sells them for 1000 gold pieces. To make sure that your sweetheart does not see the outfit beforehand, Norbert will hand it to you in a special box.

Carina, a very good friend of Lynda, will provide you with suitable rings if you have not found a wedding ring on your treasure hunts before that you would rather use. She sells wedding rings for 990 gold pieces only! You can buy wedding rings also from other jewellers, though.

Once you have the wedding outfit boxes and the rings, you can hand them over to the priest of your choice. If you and your sweetheart are not able to agree on one priest, you can even choose two different priests to get married. However, it might look very strange to your guests if the wedding party is split in two groups.
The ceremonies are slightly different, depending on where you decide to say "yes". All three priests follow the same procedure, though, and will only marry you and your love if you are really unmarried. First you will have to hand over the wedding outfit boxes and the rings, then the ceremony can start. Both of you will be asked to state the name of the person your heart belongs to. Don't worry, the priests will keep in mind whose name you say there, so you will not accidentally be married to somebody else. Your wedding vows will be seen by all guests, and they will surely applaud, once you two are dressed in your beautiful wedding outfits at the end of the ceremony.

From now on you can wear your wedding outfit whenever you like, provided you are still married. Also, both of you will receive an engraved wedding ring with both names and the date of the marriage. To make your marriage official, the name of your spouse will also be displayed on your character page. And, since you are married now, you cannot marry anybody else, unless you get a divorce first.

On the day of your marriage, meaning for 24 hours, you will be able to go on your honeymoon. The ferryman Kamil in Fibula will ship newlyweds to the honeymoon island Meluna.
Meluna is a beautiful and peaceful island with wonderful flowers and many cherry blossom trees. You and your sweetheart can relax there on the beach, and enjoy some cocktails in a bar. There are a couple of shops on Meluna that will provide you with food, candles and flowers. So you can find there everything you need for a romantic evening.

Since it is also possible that you will not be married happily ever after, but get into a fight or unsolvable argument with your spouse - or simply fall in love with somebody else - Lynda, Llathriel and Ferus have also developed a concept of divorce. You can divorce your partner, even if he does not want to. All you have to do is visit Lugri in Thais, or Brewster in Port Hope. For mere 10,000 gold pieces Lugri will make you a free man or woman again. Brewster, always showing compassion with everybody who was disappointed by love, only charges 5,000 gold pieces. Your broken marriage will be symbolised by your broken wedding ring.

We wish all love birds out there a wonderful marriage!
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