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Oct 23 2009 -

World Type Realignment and War System

easer time! The eagerly awaited autumn patch is in the pipeline and almost ready to be launched. The past few weeks had been quite demanding for the entire development team, but the work was worthwhile. This year's autumn patch is all about features. So, the time has come to provide some information, right? Here we go.

World Type Realignment

One of the biggest improvements is the introduction of realigned world types. What was formerly known as "non-PvP", "regular PvP" and "PvP-enforced" will be renamed in accordance with the basic gameplay adjustments that we put into effect, especially on non-PvP. Every Tibia player will be able to choose the game world type that suits him most with regards to safety and player combat. Hence, the different world types will be defined according to their PvP gameplay possibilities:

  • Optional PvP:
    Characters cannot be attacked, damaged or killed directly by other characters. PvP is basically possible within the scope of a war system, but only if both sides agree. We recommend this game world type to all players who are not quite sure which world type to choose, but who wish to play safely and only want to engage in fights which they have agreed to.
  • Open PvP:
    Characters can be attacked, damaged, killed or influenced in a negative way by other characters. The skull system is active to prevent players from excessively killing others. Players who are up to PvP fights may find this game world type interesting.
  • Hardcore PvP:
    Any character is able to attack, damage, kill or influence others in a negative way without any restrictions. There is no regulating skull system. This game world type might be the right place for players who are looking for unbounded and thrilling PvP challenges.

Only by doing this realignment, a war system could be added to the game in a useful way. It will be available for all game world types (details see below). Further information about the realignment itself can be found in our featured article "World Type Realignment" and the corresponding thread.

War System

In almost every war there are victims. Those who do not want to be involved in a war either get drawn into it unintentionally or are considered easy prey by war mongers. In order to avoid war victims but still allow guilds to wage war against each other even if they are playing on a game world type with an active skull system, a war system will be available. How does it work?

  • The leader of an active guild may declare war to other guilds via his guild page. Guilds can only be in war with, or declare war to, up to five opposing guilds at a time. Anyone can view the war history of a guild on a sub page of the respective guild page.
  • By declaring war, the guild leader chooses his opponent and sets the conditions: duration (from 7 to 180 days), frag limit (up to 1.000), a penalty payment in case of losing (up to gold coins) and so forth.
  • His opponent may decline the war declaration, change its conditions or accept it. In case he accepts, the previously set penalty payments, and a small war declaration fee amounting to 1.000 gold coins, will be transferred from both guild leaders' accounts to a temporary escrow deposit at the next server save. In case the leaders' accounts could not be charged for any reason, further attempts will be made at subsequent server saves. As soon as the transfer is completed, the war begins.
  • During the war, the killing of a war opponent will always be a justified kill. However, attacking a war opponent will result in a protection zone block. If the attacked character hits back, he will also receive a protection zone block even though he did not initiate the act.
  • Characters that are currently in war will be marked with special icons. This allows an easy identification of friendly and opposing characters, as well as characters who are involved in other ongoing wars you are not part of.
  • Through guild channel messages you will be informed whenever members of your own guild, or the opposing guild, were killed, and as soon as you won or lost the war.
  • At the end of a war, the leader of the winning guild will receive the penalty payments that were previously transferred to the escrow deposit. In case of a time out, the guild which achieved the most frags will be counted as the winner, but only gets a proportional amount of the loser's penalty payment measured against the frag difference. In case of a draw, the payments will be returned to both guilds.

The introduction of the war system is accompanied by a couple of further details that were necessary to be changed or added:

On Optional PvP:

  • No blocking:
    On Optional PvP, the blocking of other characters will be basically eliminated via game design. You will be allowed to access and cross the same square that is already occupied by another character, his summons or convinced creatures. The result is a stack. You will have to move your character in a direction twice within 1 second in order to access a square that is preoccupied. On special squares like in front of depot boxes or next to quest or level doors this function will be disabled. Concerning wars, this means that players who are not involved in a war will not be able to block any other players whose guilds are in war. However, war participants from opposing guilds will still be able to block each other.
  • Stacking restrictions:
    The very first character on a square will always be on top of a stack now. Any character that enters the stack afterwards will be sorted below. Within the scope of the war system, attacks that are pointed towards a stack of characters (triggered by a click in the game window) will only effect the war opponent that is on top of the stack. Area damages, in contrast, will effect all war opponents in it. Furthermore, all characters on position 2 or lower in a stack will not be able to attack players, cast area runes or spells, loot monsters or heal others any more. This will be indicated by the message "It is too crowded here! You have to move first."
  • Healing:
    Within the first 60 seconds after taking PvP damage from an opponent, war participants and their summons cannot be healed by other characters that are not involved in the war. The same applies to party buffs.
  • Paralysing:
    Players will be unable to paralyse others unless they are in war with them.
  • Magic wall and wild growth runes:
    If these runes are used by a war participant, their known effects will only apply to his opponents but not to his own guild members or any uninvolved players. Wild growth can simply be passed by allies and uninvolved characters but, unlike magic walls, stay visible in the game window. Magic walls that were cast by a war participant collapse as soon as an own guild member or an uninvolved character walks across. Magic walls cast by an uninvolved character vanish upon contact with any other character.
  • Skill training:
    To prevent players from abusing the war system for skill trainings, any weapon and shielding skills will not advance within the scope of the war system.

On Open PvP and Hardcore PvP:

  • Stacking restrictions:
    As on Optional PvP, the very first character on a square will always be on top of a stack, any character that enters the stack afterwards will be sorted below. Attacks that are pointed towards a stack of characters (triggered by a click in the game window) will effect only the character on top of the stack. Area damages, in contrast, will effect the whole stack. Furthermore, characters that are deep inside a stack will not be able to perform any kind of aggressive act any more, neither against other characters nor against any kind of creatures. This will be indicated by the message "It is too crowded here! You have to move first."
  • Paralysing:
    Paralysing other characters results in a skull mark according to the rules of the skull system if you are playing on Open PvP.
  • Miscellaneous:
    On Hardcore PvP, blessings and the amulet of loss will be available now and the experience gain for player killing will be removed.

In the future, we are going to further expand the war system by adding more features like a duel mode, war highscores and guild accounts.

A second autumn patch teaser is coming soon. There is one more big feature to be introduced: the character world transfer. Are you ready for this unique journey beyond borders? Your starting point will be the island of Travora that can be reached by ship from any city except Rookgaard. Here is an exclusive first look on how the Travora depot is going to look like...

Stay tuned!
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