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Oct 30 2009 -
Character World Transfer and Further Changes
elcome to the second, and final, autumn patch teaser 2009! Last week we already gave you a first look at the island of Travora, the future starting point for character world transfers. Today, we are going to provide some further information about this island and the new feature for which it was created.

Making character world transfers will not be possible immediately after the patch release. Nevertheless, you will already be able to travel to Travora and prepare your character for its great journey. The transfer service will be available a few days later. We advise you to use this time for having a close look at all realigned game world types before you leave. New game worlds will be launched when the character world transfer is activated. Further information will be provided in an additional news article.

Character World Transfer

With the introduction of this new feature, you are put in a position to decide by yourself whether to stay or to leave the game world you are currently playing on. If you do no longer want to be a part of a certain community, you are now able to leave this community and become part of a new one. There are, however, several restrictions which ensure that character world transfers are only made after due consideration. Let's get right to the point.

General restrictions and transfer requirements:
  • A character can only be transferred once within 6 months.
  • A world transfer costs EUR 19.95 for each character. This amount cannot be paid with premium days.
  • The character must not have a red or black skull, and the account it is assigned to must not show a final warning in its criminal record at the time of the transfer.
  • Before doing a world transfer, the character has to give up its rented house, guild membership and marriage status on its current game world.
  • Its depots and all items within are deleted. A special depot on Travora is available to transfer items to the new game world (details see below).
  • Its bank account, skills, spells and quest flags will be transferred together with the character.
  • A character may only be transferred to worlds of the same type or to worlds with more limited PvP possibilities: from Optional PvP only to Optional PvP, from Open PvP to Open PvP or Optional PvP, and from Hardcore PvP to all game worlds.
  • The character world transfer is available for both premium and free account players. In order to move to a premium game world, however, the account the character is assigned to has to be premium at the time of the transfer.
  • Some game worlds might be marked as "closed". In this case, a transfer to this world is not possible at the moment.
  • Characters must have a vocation, so characters on Rookgaard cannot be transferred. They have to leave for mainland first.
Item restrictions:
  • Together with your character, a maximum of 1,000 items may be transferred to the new game world. All items need to be either in your inventory or in your Travora depot. Please note that a stack of items counts as one item.
  • Most items are limited to 1 unit per character. This includes all kinds of weapons, all kinds of armour, most equipment items as well as quest rewards and addon items. That means, a transferred character can only take along one pair of boots of haste, one magic plate armor, one Yalahari armor etc.
  • Stackable items that are needed for quests are usually limited to 100 units per character, including pieces of cloth, demonic essences etc.
  • General exceptions of this limitation are potions, runes, ammunition, any kinds of containers, medals, trophies, fansite items and some more. You can take along more than one of those.
  • When you prepare your character for the world transfer on Travora, NPC Sharon will help you with finding out which of your items are limited and which are not.
So how will the character world transfer work exactly?

Step 1: Commission the service
  • Access your account management page, choose the character you are going to transfer and click on the button "Change World".
  • The system instantly checks if your character meets the basic transfer requirements.
  • In case he does not, you cannot proceed until you have taken the appropriate steps to fulfil the conditions. In case he does, you may continue.
  • Choose the destination world you want to play on in the future. If you currently are on an Optional or Open PvP world, not all game worlds will be available for you.
  • If you are confident with your choice, submit it.
Step 2: Payment

Details about the payment process will be provided when the character world transfer is activated. This will happen within the next few days after the patch. You can also fulfil the payment conditions after you have completed step 3.

Step 3: Prepare your character ingame
  • Bringing along items to the new game world is limited to 1,000 (details see above). So, in case your belongings outnumber this limit, you should sell some of your items before you leave.
  • Take a ship to the island of Travora from any harbour in Tibia. The price for a ticket is 1,000 gold coins. It is valid for 24 hours. In this time, you can travel back and forth as often as you like. This transit can be made by premium and free account players alike.
  • On Travora, a bank, a post, a mailbox and a depot are available. Also, there is NPC Sharon who will guide you through the transfer process. The entire island is a protection zone.
  • Items which you want to bring along to the destination world have to be placed either in your inventory or in your depot on Travora. It is not possible to send parcels to this depot, so it might be necessary to travel back and forth several times in order to get all items ready.
  • When you are finished, talk to NPC Sharon. Step by step she will check if you meet the requirements for the transfer.
  • If everything is alright, you get teleported to a special platform on which you can trigger the world transfer by logging out there. A teleporter brings you back to Travora in case you are still uncertain whether to leave right now or later.
  • If you have logged out on the platform and paid for the world transfer, the transfer will be initiated during the next server save.
  • Between the server saves of the game world you are leaving from and of your destination world, you will not be able to login with this character any more and no further changes can be made.
When the transfer successfully completed you may set foot on the new world. Your character spawns in the temple of your home town upon your next login. In the depot nearby, you will find all items which you formerly stored in the depot on Travora. Now, your character's new life begins.

Further changes

Several other adjustments will be made with this year's autumn patch:
  • Snap-backs:
    Whenever two characters, or a character and a creature, bump against each other, it now looks like when you try to enter a house you are not invited to. This is called a "snap-back". Due to the introduction of the new no-blocking gameplay feature on Optional PvP, snap-backs are now a standard client output that is apparent on all game worlds. We want to kindly ask you not to report this as a bug, since it actually isn't.
  • Revamp:
    Two houses in Carlin, Park Lane 3a and 3b, had to be slightly changed in order to avoid players from getting trapped next to them. As a result, all items in these houses unfortunately have to be transferred to the depot.
  • Friendship amulet:
    The friendship amulet is the brand-new fansite item of our supported fansite It will be introduced alongside with the patch. Congratulations for this novel object of desire in Tibia!
  • Leaving Rookgaard:
    After the autumn patch, Rookgaard can only be left if you are level 8 or 9.
  • DirectX9 graphic engine:
    Some players unfortunately suffered from client crashes when they used the DirectX9 graphic engine under Windows Vista. Therefore, a fix will be implemented that will hopefully improve the situation.
  • Change sex:
    The option to change a character's sex was moved from the account management page to the character information page.
  • Healing with potions - first results from the test server:
    Originally, we had planned to limit the healing effect of potions so that potions can only be used to heal yourself, but not others any more. After some useful feedback, we now decided not to change this. An official statement can be found in the corresponding feedback thread.
Please note: a feedback thread for this second teaser will be started on Monday, November 2.

We are looking forward to your feedback!
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