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Oct 29 2009 -
Halloween and Lightbearer Event 2009
wo exciting events are going to take place within the next weeks!

On October 31, the vicious Halloween Hare will be back in Tibia. It is a gruesome creature with truly dark powers. Whoever comes too close to it will be turned into an evil creature! So take care, brave adventurers, the Halloween Hare will ravage both Rookgaard and mainland.

From October 31 to November 2, an even bigger threat comes across the Western parts of Darashia again: the terrible Mutated Pumpkin! It is powerful, it is evil, but if you look closely you might find some not yet digested items in it. This time, the Mutated Pumpkin mutated even more: when it is defeated, its remains will not be moveable any longer.

Also, the Lightbearer Event will take place this year. Meet NPC Lucius at the Temple of Light on November 11 where he is going to tell you more about the event, and the dark forces that threaten the lands of Tibia. Light is the only protection you have, and teamwork the only way to succeed during this time. Will you manage to keep ten lights, which are scattered throughout the lands, burning for five days? If only one light goes out, the event is lost and evil breaks loose in Tibia. But if you succeed, the reward will be even more precious.

Good luck to everybody and have fun!
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