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Nov 05 2009 -
Autumn Patch 2009
e hope your character survived the Mutated Pumpkin and you are now ready for the autumn patch: here it is. We already introduced the new features in our previous teasers so, in a nutshell, what is awaiting you now?

Take your time and get acquainted with the new conditions on the realigned world types. They are defined by a few core features that distinguish them from each other. If you want to play safely and are only interested in PvP fights based on mutual agreement, we recommend you to check out optional PvP worlds. Players who like the thrill of PvP anytime and anywhere may prefer one of the other PvP game world types. On open PvP, excessive player killing is regulated by the skull system whereas hardcore PvP worlds offer PvP fights without limits. Keep in mind, though, that other players with characters on these worlds can also make use of the PvP freedom there when fighting against you.

Another aspect of the realignment is the war system we have introduced. On all three game world types, guilds are now able to declare war on each other and set conditions such as the duration, the frag limit and the penalty payment. However, everything is based on mutual agreement and so you do not have to accept a war declaration. It can either be declined or altered conditions can be proposed.

Along with the world type realignment and the war system, several other changes had to be made. On optional PvP worlds, for example, characters cannot block other characters anymore unless they are in war against each other. Stacking has several negative consequences now on all game world types so you should better leave a stack as soon as possible to avoid them.

Last but not least, we now offer you the possibility to transfer a character to another game world so characters are no longer bound to the game world on which they were created. As we already mentioned, the character world transfer service is not activated yet as we want to give you some time to inform yourself carefully about the restrictions, requirements and, of course, about the realigned world types.

For further information on all these features and changes, we recommend you to check our previous teasers which explain the most important details.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.53 from our download section.

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