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Nov 10 2009 -
Bug Fixes
e want to give you a short overview of bug fixes which were implemented in the last days.

Content Fixes and Changes
  • Due to error messages, the weight of rusty armor had to be changed to 120 oz, the weight of rusty legs to 70 oz, the weight of rust remover to 0.9 oz and the weight of dough, cake dough and chocolate dough to 1 oz.
  • An unreachable bed in Park Lane 3a has been fixed. The items on the field next to the left bed have been sent to the depot.
  • A problem with NPC Duncan in the Shattered Island quest line has been fixed. He now recognises the tortoise egg mission properly.
  • After the autumn patch it was possible to do the Desert Quest with a single character. This has also been fixed.
  • Characters can no longer stack on the switches that modify the walls near the demons close to Edron.
Other Fixes
  • The list edit messages for house sub-owners and guests have been fixed.
  • The bug where players were not able to advance their shielding skill on optional PvP worlds has been fixed.
  • War surrender was displayed the wrong way round on the website. This has been fixed.
If you want to discuss the latest changes with other players, leave your comment in our thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.

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