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Nov 18 2009 -
Your Messages of the Day
bout one month ago, we made the very first call for messages of the day created by the community. More than 300 suggestions had been posted in the dedicated thread "Create a Message of the Day" until we closed it. It took us a while to work through them and to choose the few messages which will soon be used as player-made messages of the day. Now, finally, the selection process is finished and we are very happy to announce what is coming next.

Next week, we will feed our system with 11 selected messages. Eleven? Given the vast number of high quality suggestions we did not want to reduce our favourites to five as it was previously planned. So, if no pressing matters intervene, we will use these messages within the next eleven working days, starting on Monday, November 23. However, if there are any all-important news we have to inform you about we will post those in between of course.

Congratulations to the eleven winners: Karlos of Pacera, Sir Ovendish, Karlkoninan, Deathsorc, Gizzmo Kvack, Corrcorr, Norther Master, Redaxano, Lorion von'Pox, Rinoa Heartlilly and Davixando! All of you did a fantastic job. Thank you!
Those players who are not among the winners this time might be in the future when we start our next call for messages of the day, so stay tuned!

A lot of suggestions were submitted which made us smile but did not make it into the final round. We carried together a kind of personal "best of" for you that can be looked up in the thread "Player-Made Messages Worth Reading" on the event board.

Have fun!
Your Community Managers