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Nov 16 2009 -
True Lightbearers
he Lightbearer Event is over. Out of 74 game worlds only 19 successfully teamed up four days long and fought back the evil forces that were threatening Tibia. Days ago, we did not dare to make any forecasts about the event's results, but seeing that 19 worlds kept up and achieved victory in the end has indeed exceeded our expectations. We take our hat off to the game world communities who demonstrated great passion and skill in this time. All of you truly deserve the greatest respect!

Amera, Antica, Arcania, Astera, Chimera, Furora, Harmonia, Honera, Julera, Menera, Nerana, Pacera, Premia, Refugia, Secura, Tenebra, Titania, Unitera and Vinera. True Lightbearers.

The Lightbearer Event was the first world-spanning event of its kind - a pilot project for both CipSoft and the Tibian community. Never before, entire game worlds were requested to form teams and work together over a number of days. Likewise, never before, our content team was given the task of designing an event that is challenging, but not too difficult to complete for 74 distinct game worlds with totally different communities.

We have asked Chayenne, lead content designer, to give us some background information on this event:

Chayenne: "The Lightbearer Event was designed to really make communities work together on a big scale. At first, when I started creating the event design, it was 'my little project', but it quickly turned out to become rather huge, even inside CipSoft where many of my colleagues got interested in it as well. This event was supposed to recall that Tibia is a game that can be played cooperatively, and at the same time it should provide an excellent environment to do so. I was pleased to learn that quite a lot of worlds succeeded in the end. That really made me happy.
Reading the community's feedback of the last days was a positive experience for me. The event obviously helped many players to temporarily overcome feuds and other boundaries and to develop a real sense of community spirit in this period of time. That's what we actually wanted to achieve and we hope that these effects are lasting in a way.
When we heard about the dissatisfaction regarding the rewards our positive feeling was dampened a little. Every time we introduce new content to the community we usually tend not to overpower it but to launch it carefully, followed by additional improvements if necessary. The community's feedback shows us quite plainly which decisions were right and wrong. We have learned our lesson with this pilot project."

When you think about the days of the Lightbearer Event, which moments of joy and anger did you go through?

Let us know!
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