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Nov 20 2009 -
Untold Mysteries
e have been waiting the whole week for the hooded messenger to arrive and deliver a message from Amaro, a sign that he is still alive and well. The hooded man did not come but yesterday, when we arrived in our office, we found scraps of paper scattered all across the floor - a letter torn to pieces. Amaro's sharp and clear handwriting struck us right away. We tried to put them back together again but several pieces were missing and we could not find them anywhere. Nevertheless, we want to share with you the parts we could reassemble.

My dear friends,

I hope my last letter did not make you worry too much. I'm slowly getting used to the dark presence constantly staring at me from behind the Dragonblaze Peaks and the tales of the traveller I met help me to keep up my spirits. This land is indeed full of challenges and threats, many new adventures lie before me and I'm eager to experience them all.

Northeast of the Zao Steppe, at the bottom of the Dragonblaze Peaks, the traveller, which is what I call him, had recently met an old lizard priest called Zalamon who was looking for help to fight against dragonkin who wreak havoc behind the mountains, in the so-called Muggy Plains. Though the dark presence lurking behind the peaks still gives me the creeps, the traveller convinced me to offer Zalamon help together with him. Though I'm not a novice anymore the traveller is way more experienced and adept. You never know what perils may await you so I feel safer with him by my side.

But first, I want to head out into the Steppe again. Why, you may ask yourself, risking to come across the horde again from which I fled several days ago? Well, dear friends, I now know whose battle cries made me shiver and ran away. Orcs! Can you believe that?! My fellow traveller had secretly observed them once. They seem to have an unusual, yet strong and skilled leader who's not an orc. I'm so anxious to find out more about him and what the orcs are doing here, what they are fighting against. I'm sure it has something to do with the barricaded city and I sense a dangerous threat ...
[missing piece] Meanwhile, the traveller will pay the dwarfs in Farmine a visit. He had obtained a few mysterious Tomes of Knowledge on his journeys and the only clue how to find out more about them is a sage in Farmine ... [missing piece]

Oh, and there's another place we plan to visit before crossing the Dragonblaze Peaks. The mountains covering Farmine hide another secret... Well, now that I know about, it's probably not a secret any longer, I guess. Yesterday, we came across a young dwarf, a greenhorn who had stolen away from working in Farmine. He was quite talkative, not to say he almost talked his head off. Out of curiosity, he had climbed a vine in the mountains which Ongulf, the dwarven leader in Farmine, had mentioned to him. Full of excitement, he told us about a primitive human tribe he had found then. Holy moly! Cavemen! What a sensational discovery! Our young friend talked so fast, with so many words, that we did not understand everything he said. He mentioned the name Lazaran quite often, who's probably the leader of the tribe, and told us about a holy skull which ...
[missing piece] ... and suddenly he showed us a strange dance. We decided that we should better see for ourselves. The traveller will take the greenhorn with him to Farmine and I'll join them after having visited the strange alliance in the Steppe ... [missing piece]

... should introduce our new young friend to Spectulus one day. Ah, Spectulus, Edron's quirky astronomer! I guess the two of them would get along well. During my last visit, he had told me about the Lightboat and his obsession to sail the sea of light with this strange device. The greenhorn might be able to help Spectulus on his endeavours to build that thing. They both seem equally dedicated and enthusiastic whereas I'm always a bit sceptical about ideas coming from Spectulus.

But I better end my letter now, I still have to prepare my trip back to the ruins in the Steppe. I don't know when I'll be able to write you again, dear friends, but don't worry about me.

Yours faithfully,

We are really captivated by Amaro's exciting adventures and have started a feedback thread on the discussion board where you can find a short list summarising the new content presented in this teaser. For further pictures, we recommend you to have a look at our supported and promoted fansites.

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