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Dec 13 2001 -
Another Great Year...
nother great year is coming to an end.

During this year the four of us finished our studies at university and established CipSoft. With the foundation of our company we also decided to dedicate our future to Tibia. Finally we have the time to realise all plans we have for our small world. The first step has already been done with the introduction of Premium Accounts. With your support we can assure that Tibia stays online and will even be improved.

The week before Christmas we will do another step forward by introducing a second game server. This way we double the number of players that can be online at the same time. But more importantly, you have the chance to start a new career in a fresh world. Additionally we created the basis for the establishment of more game servers in case the current capacity runs short.

There are also many reasons to look forward to the next year. Already in January we will implement new features for all Premium Account players. In 2002 it is also high time for a new client with many long anticipated extras like chat channels or the safe trade dialog. So stay tuned!

We want to thank all players for their support and trust in us. You are the ones who keep Tibia alive and make it a real world. And hey, in case your parents or friends are still looking for the right Christmas present for you, tell them about the Tibia Premium Accounts. ;) Anyway, we wish you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Your CipSoft Team

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