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Dec 04 2009 -
A Precious Parcel
few days ago, we community managers were told that the forthcoming update will bring along a solution for the snap-backs! After the update, they will only happen when it is actually possible to stack into the other creature, character or object. That means snap-backs will no longer occur on open and hardcore PvP worlds. On optional PvP worlds, stacks and snap-backs will only occur with other characters that are not involved in a war with you, with summoned creatures of such characters and also with magic walls and wild growth made by such characters.

Pleased with the good news, we were even more thrilled when we received a big, heavy parcel yesterday. We opened it with excitement and curiosity. Inside, there was a pile of all sorts of things and when we took them out one by one, we recognised many pieces of fine, excellent craftsmanship. We also found a letter inside the parcel, written by Amaro. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

My dear friends,

I've made it. Thanks to the traveller who saved my life more than once, I was finally able to cross the Dragonblaze Peaks. The nightmares I described in my last letter... they've become real. Those creatures... they are lurking everywhere here. But the numerous fights we had to engage in, the wounds we had to treat, made us stronger and more determined. The dark presence still has me in its relentless grip but I feel that I can now bear all this. I want to face it, I won't run away. There are so many things I'd like to tell you, but I have to hurry. The traveller and I have to break through another obstacle in our way... a great gate. Massive as if built by giants. It seems impassable but a true adventurer never gives up. I feel the dark presence pulsating behind so we have to find a way through, we have to find the source of the great evil that plagues this land. There's no time to lose... there are already enough lizards and drakens close on our heels, thirsting to revenge their slain brothers.

So I try to make it short. While travelling through Zao, I've collected several precious items and useful equipment. I don't want to drag everything along with me. I guess it's better to travel on swiftly and lightly so I'll send you the things I can spare. Please take good care of them, especially of the guardian boots. In a heavily guarded draken fortress deep below the Dragonblaze Peaks, we encountered numerous ghastly dragons... those vicious beasts from my dreams. I'm sure I would have died in this fight if it had not been for the help and comradeship of the traveller. After a long battle, we finally won and buried under the huge pile of corpses and tainted flesh, I found these splendid boots. Who knows who wore them before me?

Yet, I prefer to wear the zaoan shoes I obtained recently, they make a perfect match with my zaoan armor, legs and helmet. So what else do I send? You'll probably like the spellweaver's robe. It protects you from energy damage and looks very elegant so you might want to wear it just to show-off. I'll also include two swift dagger-like weapons called Sais. Be careful though, they are extremely sharp. And don't get scared by the minotaur backpack, it's dead even though its eyes are following you no matter how you look at it. The wailing widow's necklace is actually a good light source so it might come in handy late in the evening. Ah yes, and I'll send you a distinctive lizard trophy which looks exactly like the monster that dropped it. Don't break it, please!

Last but not least, I'll send along another drawing I made. A few days ago, we witnessed an interesting fight between several lizards and two warriors, a man and a woman, both wearing an impressive armor with some kind of flags on their backs. They wielded their weapons with such grace and exquisite skill, the lizards didn't stand a chance. It was some kind of pole weapon topped with a sharp curved blade. They both looked like real warmasters. We didn't dare to approach them but I tried to capture their outfit in a sketch.

But now I have to go, dear friends. The traveller is waiting for me. Let's be honest... I promise to write you again but I have the feeling that a long time will pass before I'll be able to fulfil this promise. Please forgive me but it's better to bid you farewell. At least for now.
Don't worry too much about me, friends. Think of me with a smile on your face. I'll take care of myself.

Yours faithfully,

Yes, Tibians, we will think of Amaro with great confidence. We will wait for a new message no matter how long that may take. Until then, we will treasure the precious souvenirs he sent.
We have started a feedback thread on the discussion board where you can find a short list summarising the new content presented in this teaser. For further pictures, we recommend you to have a look at our supported and promoted fansites.

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