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Dec 19 2001 -
A New World Is Born!
rom now on there are two game worlds: Antica and Nova. Both game worlds look exactly the same, have the same game rules and are open for free and premium players. When you create a new character you can decide in which world your character should live. However, you cannot travel or transfer items between these game worlds. While Antica is the old server where your current characters live, Nova is a new world where everybody has to start a fresh career. To play there you have to create a new character. Note that even though Nova has the same capacity as Antica, we have temporarily restricted Nova's player limit to prevent an overcrowded Rookgaard.

All players have to download the new client version which supports multiple game worlds. Also note that broadcasts are not displayed in the adventure screen any longer. In case you have trouble logging into the game during the next days, please enter into the IP-address field in the preferences dialog of the client. Finally, from now on you have to enter your account number and your password to log into the game.

Check out the Ice Islands and the Fields of Glory for new secrets. Furthermore, a new settlement with more houses for all Premium Account players has been founded on a small island next to Edron.

Explore the new game world!
Your CipSoft Team

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