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Jan 07 2002 -
Happy Birthday Tibia!
n January 7th, 1997 Tibia went online for the first time. This means today is Tibia's 5th birthday! To mark our anniversary we want to give a special present to all players who sign up for a 7-months Premium Account or extend their Premium Accounts by 7 months. They will receive the so-called shield of honor. This is a limited time offer. The payment must arrive until January 31st.

Furthermore we want to announce that a few weeks from now we will introduce new Premium Account features. These include in-game support for guilds and the possibility for experienced characters to refine their vocations to achieve new titles as well as new spells. Stay tuned!

Finally we want to remind everyone that character transfers between accounts are only possible until January 15th.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team