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Jan 21 2010 -
Anti-Cheating Measures Reloaded
couple of days ago, the product managers of Tibia and the managing directors of CipSoft called us community managers to a meeting to announce the latest management decisions concerning our fight against cheating - a topic which has become pretty controversial within the community shortly after the publication of our featured article "Where Will Cheaters Go From Here?" in January 2009. A lot of time has passed since then, but this time has not been wasted.

Until the present day, a huge amount of data about cheaters in Tibia has been collected, analysed, evaluated and reevaluated. Only recently, this whole process has reached a point when sufficient statistical information was accumulated which allowed to draw comprehensive and truly reliable conclusions about the cheating situation, and to plan our next strategic steps. The first steps are taking effect straightaway:

Improved detection

Thanks to the detailed analyses of the past months, the efficiency and power of our automatic detection tool was significantly improved. This enhancement instantly resulted in a remarkable boost of detections: Today, 16,598 Tibia accounts have been excluded from the game for using unofficial software to play during the last couple of weeks.

Permanent final warnings

From now on, there will be permanent punishments for all players who gained permanent advantages through the act of cheating which includes the use of unofficial software to play, account sharing and account trading. As many of you have requested in the past, every single account which is identified for having cheated will now get a permanent final warning that does not vanish any more after 6 months. Also, all accounts which currently have a final warning due to the use of unofficial software to play, account sharing or account trading will not lose this warning either. In case of any further rule violation that would lead to a banishment, accounts with a permanent final warning will be automatically deleted without any prior warning.

These two adjustments of our anti-cheating policy sound the bell for the next round of our fight against cheating. At this point, we would like to thank all of our fair players for your unbelievable amount of patience, your commitment to Tibia and your amazing support during the past months. We owe you a lot.

Play fair everyone!
Your Community Managers

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