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Feb 18 2002 -
Tibia Version 6.6 Is Online!
e proudly present the latest Tibia version 6.6 with a lot of new features, especially for Premium Account players. But the new release also includes many bugfixes and minor additions for all players. Please download the new client from our homepage.

Since the very early days of Tibia, players united in guilds. Guild members share the same spirit, protect each other, and build a community of their own. From now on guilds will be officially supported by the game. In the community section of our website you will find a list of all guilds. There you can found a new guild and invite players to join it. Every player can see your position in the guild you belong to. Additionally all guild members of a guild can communicate over a special channel. Finally guild houses can only be rented by official guilds. Note that if you currently own a guild house, you have one month from now to officially found your guild, in order to keep the house. Please take a look at the manual for more information about guilds.

Another addition of the update is the introduction of promoted vocations. Become an Elite Knight, a Royal Paladin, an Elder Druid, or a Master Sorcerer. King Tibianus and Queen Eloise grant this promotion to all Premium Account players at or above level 20. As effect your regeneration improves, your loss when dying is reduced, and you may learn one special spell. But there are also new spells for Premium Account players without promotion.

As evolution goes on, the monsters have adapted to the constant threat from humans. So please be careful, even when attacking well known creatures. However also the Tibians have not been idle. They invented a new technique for hunting traps. You can buy them from Beatrice in Edron.

Finally we want to announce that there are several new gamemasters who will look after Tibia. Please refer to our community section for an always up-to-date list of all gamemasters. Our thanks go to them and all testers who helped us during the last week to improve the quality of the update.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team