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Feb 17 2010 -
Content Fixes
ith today's server save, a couple of content fixes were implemented.
  • In the questlog, the display of the completion status of several quests was fixed including Uzgod's mission of The Travelling Trader, The Hunt for the Sea Serpent, The Ultimate Challenges, and The Shattered Isles quest when you bring back the ring to Eleonore
  • It is not possible any longer to logout in the final battle room of the quest In Service of Yalahar
  • The first six tomes of knowledge can now be traded with NPC Cael as soon as you are permitted to enter the Chazorai arena - you do not have to finish the arena first in order to trade these tomes with him
  • The NPCs Bone Master and Dream Master now return surplus demonic essences to you when you have given them more demonic essences than needed in order to reach their final ranks
  • Near NPC Tamoril, a couple of ramps were slightly adjusted to limit stacking possibilities there
  • Some answers of bank NPCs were adjusted and improved
  • The steamboat captains in Kazordoon and Cormaya now teleport a character off their boats by saying "kick me"
  • NPC Black Bert is now selling strange powder
  • Since Battlemaster Zunzu was supposed to be a raid monster only, its map spawns were removed and replaced with lizard zaogun spawns instead
  • Furniture kits that are placed on pools within houses cannot be used there from now on - they have to be moved to a floor tile first which is not part of the pool
  • Windows were added to Harbour Place 1 in Thais to make blackboards readable from outside
  • The drop rate of the very old piece of paper, which is dropped by pirates and needed to start the Treasure Hunt quest, was increased
  • Some typos and minor map issues were fixed as well
If you want to discuss the latest changes with other players, leave your comments in the thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.

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