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Feb 19 2010 -
Release of New Extra Services
n November 2009, we started with the introduction of so-called "extra services". The very first extra service was the character world transfer which still enjoys great popularity in the community. More than 14,000 characters have been transferred to other game worlds so far - and the number is still growing.

Next Tuesday, February 23, we will make another step forward and further extend our service package in order to satisfy the great demand for additional extra services in the community. These extra services will be implemented next:

Character Sex Change: Until today, changing the sex of a character has only been possible for premium players. With the upcoming adjustments, this feature will be turned into an extra service which is available to all players. Instead of charging premium days, a fee of 2.95 falls due for using this extra service.

Character Name Change: If you feel that a name does not fit to your character any longer, you will be able to change your character's name. Every old character name will be listed on the character page for six months, though, and your character can also be found by using the old name during that time. For this extra service, a fee of 6.95 is charged.

Account Name Change: When you create a Tibia account, we advise you to choose an account name which is unique, hard to guess and only known to you. If you want to change your account name afterwards, you soon have the chance to do so. This extra service will be available for a fee of 4.95.

All extra services are payable either by credit card via the Tibia payment system starting on Tuesday, February 23, or through our official resellers a few days later. However, please keep in mind that it is our resellers' decision whether to offer these extra services or not. Therefore, extra services might not be available at all resellers.

Further details concerning our new extra services will be provided in an upcoming news article. Please also note: On February 23, the Tibia payment system and the Tibia website will be updated. For that reason, they will be temporarily shut down for about 1 hour starting at 13:30 CET.

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