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Mar 11 2010 -
Spring Is in the Air!
his year's spring patch is around the corner so we want to give you a short outlook on the features it will bring along.

Name Reports

As we already announced in the featured article about our vision of rule enforcement, the spring patch will enable all players to report character names directly to our customer support team. If you want to report a name, a new ingame reporting dialogue will guide you through the reporting process step-by-step. On your account management page, all reports you made within the last 30 days will be listed. A report will be pending until it gets processed by a customer support member. You will then see on your account page if a report was accepted or rejected.
To avoid the spamming of reports, there are two important regulations players need to keep in mind when reporting:
  • You may only have two pending reports at the same time on your account.
  • Within the last 30 days, the sum of pending and rejected reports you have may not exceed four.
If you reach one of these limits, you will have to wait until it does not apply anymore to be able to make further reports. Once again, we would like to emphasise that you should only report an illegal name if you really feel disturbed by it. If it does not bother you, you do not have to feel forced to report it just because it might violate a Tibia rule.

Bot Detection Tool Improved

Further improvements of our detection tool have been developed. Please understand that we cannot reveal further details about these tweaks except the following: Characters that receive a banishment will get automatically kicked out of the game within a narrow time frame. This is something that many players have wished for in the past.

Low Stamina, No Loot

In addition to our automatic detection tool, another anti-cheating measure will take effect. As you probably know, stamina indicates the time that is left until a character is too tired to gain experience while hunting in Tibia. With the spring patch, we will implement a feature specifically designed to prevent the unlimited profit gained by users of unofficial software. If a character with 14 or less hours of stamina left kills a monster as the highest damage dealer, the complete loot of the monster will be destroyed.

Extended Happy Hour

Premium players currently gain 50% more experience points for every monster killed in the first hour of stamina, which means up to hour 41. This sweet bonus helps players who do not have much time to play to keep up with others. We will make this even sweeter and expand this happy hour so that premium players get 50% more experience points within the first two hours of stamina, which means up to hour 40. In addition, the regeneration time of these two happy hours will get a little boost: For every 10 minutes a character is logged off, it regains 1 minute of its stamina.

Pits of Inferno Short Cuts

Up to now, the short cut between the Plains of Havoc and the room with the teleports to the demon domains gets activated only after leaving the reward room and completing the quest. However, reaching the teleport room is not that easy so we want to reward the brave adventurers who manage to get there by granting them access to the short cut as soon as they enter one of the throne rooms.

In addition, a new short cut will be activated once a character has completed the lever riddle. You can then use a quest door that allows you to skip the 4-way riddle and the lever riddle and takes you right to the point afterwards where you can continue the quest. Please note, that characters who already completed the lever riddle before the spring patch have to do it again to activate the short cut.


There will be several other things coming along with the spring patch:

If one of your characters receives a namelock, you will have three chances to rename it. If the third name proposal gets rejected as well, the character will receive a name from the name generator.

The fansite items of (Ferumbras Doll), (Orc's Jaw Shredder) and (Bag of Oriental Spices) will get implemented.
With the spring patch, the character creation page will get a new make-over. We will add a filter that allows to sort worlds according to PvP-type and location. Furthermore, some extra information about the character world transfer will be added to the page you see before initiating a transfer.

Get ready for the spring patch!
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