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Mar 08 2002 -
Some Further News
haracters with no vocation can no longer bid on houses. If a player regularly bids for houses to disturb the auctions, a gamemaster may banish the account.

All descriptions, ranks, and titles of guilds have to be in English and should match their purpose because they are an official part of the game. Gamemasters can delete uncorrect parts, bad logos, or the entire guild.

The 3 strike spells have been redesigned.

If you would like to promote your character, you can also ask Emperor Kruzak in Kazordoon now.

Note that the entries for house doors are not empty if you receive a house that has been owned by someone else before. You should change them as soon as you become the house owner. Of course the sub-owner and the guest lists are clean and no one can enter the house without your permission.

At the end of this month old characters cannot be assigned to your account anymore. Please understand that if you have forgotten the old password, we cannot help you.

Enjoy Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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