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Apr 28 2010 -
The Battle Goes On
ast week, we started our public feedback collection concerning Tibia's guild war system. Many players took this chance to tell us their opinion about it and made suggestions for improvement, providing us with ample food for thought. We would like to thank all of you who contributed to this thread. It was closed today with a short summary. But this is not the end, Tibians, it is time to get ready for the second round in the battle for improvement!

We want to continue the discussion with a selected group of players who attracted our attention due to their elaborated contributions to the feedback thread. We chose 46 players who represent the different points of view which were presented in the thread and we want to invite them to a more focused and detailed discussion with one of Tibia's product managers on a private discussion board.

You know that you are part of this focus group if you can see the private discussions board in the community boards section. Even though the discussion is on a private board, it is not top secret so players with access to it may share information from there with other players. We leave that up to those who are part of the focus group. In addition, we plan to give you a short summary of the private discussion, especially the results, once it has ended.

For a better Tibia!
Your Community Managers

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