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May 19 2010 -
Jean Pierre Has Found His True Gourmets
ore than 1,000 recipes, ranging from heavenly delicious starters to terribly corrupted desserts from hell, have been submitted to Jean Pierre's recipes contest last week. Since so many of your ideas were stunningly awesome we presumed to change the contest a little:

Instead of 3 winners, there are now 4! Our content team spontaneously decided to award a top prize each to the best idea for a starter, main dish, dessert and drink. The top prize now includes 90 days of free premium time, one dish made of each winning recipe and, of course, infinite fame when the winner's recipe is added to the game!

Further, there are 3 CM tokens to be handed out to players who achieved to win a community manager over with his or her suggested recipe.

So who are the shining gourmets who have been picked by the content team and awarded a top prize? Here they are:
  • Best Starter: Coconut Shrimp Bake by Natalya Rimsky,
    an exotic rice dish with a touch of red and brown mushrooms.
  • Best Main Dish: Blackjack by Adray Del'Impro,
    it is like a stew that looks rather aweful, but it is pretty tasty and vitamin-rich.
  • Best Dessert: Demonic Candy Balls by Hitogedgy,
    delicious dreams of sweetness with some unpredictable effects for those who dare to eat them.
  • Best Drink: Sweet Mangonaise Elixir by Exaga,
    a kind of powerful magical liquid that works perfectly with rings.
And here are the community managers' choice awards:
Congratulations to the winners! All prizes, except for the dishes, will be awarded within the next days. The dishes will be sent to the winning characters' depots right after the summer update.

Enjoy your meal!
Your Community Managers